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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Curry Times

Curry Times where the name suggests curry as their core business is actually managed by Old Chang Kee. A strategic location they are located as they are directly link to Jurong East MRT Station.

Curry Times
As I walk into the restaurant, the time machine had somehow winded the time back into the 60s-70s where things are so old school with traditional Chinese decorations at corners of the restaurant, Ceilings decorated with bird cages hanging, even the servers they were dressed in those "Ah-Ma" clothing. I bet people who has went through the era could have probably have the kind of sentiments reviving memories of those old good days.

A great reminisce at a corner in Curry Times

Coffee Chendol was pretty new to me. Served in a cup in mixture of coffee with chendol. Jelly, Attap Seeds as well as red bean. Not very sweet but wasnt a good choice to mix with curry. 

Coffee Chendol  - $3.90

I had a cup of spite in Lychee Syrup added with 2 little lychee.

Lychee with sprite - $2.90

We had their Curry Noodles, one in a bowl with Ramen while the other in Thick Bee Hoon. It came with boiled chicken pieces, half boiled egg, slices of fish cakes as well as lady's fingers. Curry was rather diluted with just enough portion of chicken. We were somehow disappointed with the taste. Moreover the ramen was quite "bloated" in shape and was too soft to bite in my opinion.

On a side note and into the process of making a bowl of the curry noodles. It was prepared with in a healthier manner such that no coconut milk was added.

Curry Ramen - $7.90

 Help yourselves with the sugar gems as well as the cookies over at their cashier counters.

Sugar Gems and Cookies - Free
Ta-da! Here it go! I had scooped mine into the paper cup provided.

Sugar Gems

Perhaps I have set too much expectation on them as I roughly given them a benchmark based on the food in Old Chang Kee's curry puff and its suggestive business name "Curry".  Though it may be a healthier version of curry, it somehow still lack the oomph of what should have in a bowl of curry noodles.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Curry Times
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #02-08 Singapore 608532 

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