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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Snow Artisan

With concrete bricks stacking up all over the shop front, one can never tell that Bing Lang (The Snow Artisan) is actually an air conditioned place suitable to take a rest and enjoy a bowl of dessert after walking a number of streets in Chinatown.  My subconscious told me it is more of a hotel business until i saw the attractive graphics of their signature's dessert plastered just beside the door. I thought the decor was simply too traditional for a modern dessert shop. Well let's check it out.

Bing Lang (The Snow Artisan)
It was also to the closing hours but the snow artisan was still packed full house with customers and as noisy on a Friday Night while most of the desserts stops and places were ending their business day.

As we finally settled down for a table, a frail man about in his 70s approached our table and assist in clearing the table.We were rather curious and asked if he owns the shop and he replied his son did with a smile. He took his time to clear the tables one by one as the customers left while we went up to the counter and make our orders.

Menu Page 1

Menu Page 2
 Too bad that traditional hot desserts were all sold out.

The signature Mango Snow ice was illustrated at its entrance. Snow Ice is a popular dessert originating from taiwan with a blend of fresh fruits, milk, cream, sugar and water. This mixture was later then shaved into paper-thin slices resembling snowflakes.

Mango flavored shavings was piled up with mango dices and mango "pops". Cooling and refreshing.

Fresh Mango Snow Ice - $6

Love the combination of Red Bean, Taro Q, Sweet Potato Q, Crystal Jade Jelly and black pearl. Totally reminds me of black ball especially when its grass jelly was smooth, silky in texture and the wobbly jelly was really cooling which aids in easing the heat. However the dish was not as cold as expected.

Taiwan Origianl Grass Jelly - $3.50
Rating: 3 / 5

The Snow Artisan 
Location: 25 Trengganu Street, Singapore 058476

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