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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The French Table

Spotted the French Table in West Coast Plaza during its 2nd day of operation with standing flowers placed at the entrance and we walked closer to check them out. As we were drawing near the menu, the friendly lady shout out "bonsoir" which means good evening when translated from French.

The environment designed with a French theme with rattan chairs and one can get a glimpse of the kitchen helpers through the opening in the restaurant.

The French Table
 What's on the menu? Let us check them out.

Slow cooked cured spanish Pork Belly served with baguette and cornichon. A good choice of appetizer before starting the mains. It is to be eaten like a bread spread.

Pork Rillette - $6.80

The spread

Cream of wild mushroom soup served with Alba Truffle Oil. It was packed full of fragrance but tasted rather heavy on the cream.

Wild Mushroom Soup - $5.80

One of the popular traditional French dish which involved long cooking hours of the duck meat."Confit", means "preserved" in french and these ducks' legs are imported. Its crispy brown skin is a scene stealer and as we lift up this layer, the luscious flesh consists of a good scent of herb.This dish is served paired with red wine sauce, house salad and creamy smashed potato.

Confit de cannard - $18.80
Half chicken and steamed Broccolini served with onion sauce. The skin was roasted quite well, however probably due to the reheating of food, the meat had lost some of the juiciness but the flesh was still tender enough. Onion sauce was a good complement to the meat although its a tad salty.

Oven Roasted 1/2 Chicken - $15.80

The French Table has brought authentic french cuisine to the masses by setting up its first stall in West Coast Plaza. Heartlanders are able to enjoy french food at a reasonable price.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

The French Table
Location: West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road #02-26 Singapore 127371

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