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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Craving for some authentic Malaysian Delights? You will be able to find some staples Malaysian dishes from PappaRich.

PapaRich, Malaysian Delights
Ambiance was cozy and suitable for gatherings under this relaxing ambiance. A total ideal place to relax and for chit chats.

Papparich is represented by this man enjoying his cup of beverages.


Our mains arrived first instead. Thick rice noodles served in aromatic fish-based tamarind broth with shredded pineapple, lettuce, red chilli, cucumber, onion, and lemon grass topped with shrimp paste and mint leave. They were not spicy nor too sour but rather such combination was just nice.

Pappa Asam Laksa - $10.90
This set main looked appetizing with its presentation which consisted of Deep fried chicken served with fried rice and fried egg. Curry sauce was separated and the amounts can be controlled base on customer likings.

Pappa Chicken Chop with Curry Sauce - $12.90
Available in half or a dozen.These 6 sticks of meats were marinated in lemongrass and tumeric then hand skewered to bring out its fragrance and unique taste. This delicacy was a concept originated from Jawa, Indonesia but has grown to become popular in South East Asian Countries, especially Malaysia.

Their homemade satay sauce was unique, chunky and sweet. The only let down of this this was perhaps the fibres of the lemon grass that was stucked in between the teeth after eating.

Satay Chicken (6 Pieces) - $8.90

After a long waiting time, it finally appeared. Guess what's inside? Well, its none other than their Steamed Home Made Otak-Otak presented in this rattan steamer.

Steamed Home Made Otak-Otak - $4.90

This fragrant and spicy fish mousse was gently steamed to perfection. However, it first impression did not score too well as they look rather dull in color and was a big difference than what was expected.

What's in the steamer ?
Ice blended red bean.It was moderately sweet and soothing with red bean paste sinking in its bottom.

Red Bean (Iced) - $4.50

We had chosen the cendol version served in bowl than those in the cups with red beans or soya milk as part of the combination. Tasted average and without much Gula Melaka included.

Pappa Cendol - $3.90

Dishes and concept of Papparich was more or less similar to what we have in Old Town's Cafe but I will say that their mains are of a better fight. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #03-06 Singapore 608532

Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #03-06 s608532 (Jurong East)

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