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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zaffron Kitchen [Closed]

My calendar in April is packed with awesome gatherings and treats from fellow pals and colleagues. One of the very first was Zaffron Kitchen where I get to enjoy the authentic North and South Indian Cuisine available in Westgate.

Zaffron Kitchen
Having voted the Best Indian Restaurant 2013 by the Restaurant Association of Singapore, Zaffron Kitchen is known in the media with their excellent mixed of North and South Indian Fare.

The environment was very relaxing with chic vintage and modern settings. Not only that they have a nice bar.

Interior Design

Food Menu was no longer presented in booklets form, instead Zaffron had make use of the advancement in technology by using ipad installed with their in house application for ordering. Well, now that they are at our finger tips by pointing on the screen and sending the order to the kitchen. However, if you need miss some human touch, you can still wave your hands for their assistant. When asked, they were all ready to elaborate on the dishes.

Ipad Menu
Even the housing of the ipad blends well into such elegance environment, it was wooden framed, sturdy with their name crafted at the bottom. Though heavy, I will say that the workmanship was pretty well done.

Ipad Housing
 Beverages were first to reach our tables, mango and banana lassi were refreshing.
Mango and banana Lassi - $6 each, Ice Teh - $4.50
For the meat lovers, this Chicken Tikka is one of the chef recommendations. Fire your appetite with these skewered juicy chicken, marinated with spices, yogurt,and baked to juicy goodness in their traditional Tandoor oven served with chutney on a solid wooden board accompanied by refreshing salad. They were acceptable but a tad too salty.

Chicken Tikka - $13
Under the curry section for meat lovers, we had another version of chicken tikka in sizeable fork tender portions. Like the previous dish, Chicken Tikka is marinated with spice mixture and yogurt. The dish was thereafter simmered in rich tomato, cashew nuts, luscious and thick curry gravy accentuated with fenugreek

Butter Chicken - $16
Two other signatures item we had on the Naan List which helps to polishing the curry dishes clean. Naans are known as Indian Favourites, Zaffron had them baked in Tandoor Oven until perfection. Served in buckets, these pieces of naan were pretty decent and satisfying as they were not greasy.

Bucket of Naans

Garlic Naan - $4.50 & Kashmiri Naan - $5.50

The rendition of Indian Classic, Dum Biryani! Enjoy the flavourful basmati rice sealed in tins with a ghee-slicked baked dough drawn over its top.

Dum Mutton Biryani - $15

Flip over the dough and feel a gush of spice-kissed basmasti rice fragrance with succulent mutton and hard boiled egg snug within these fluffy soft grains. Delicious!

No meal is ever complete without having desserts and we had rounded off the meal with them! Moong Dal Halwa is actually a dessert make of lentils, it was rich and buttery with milk, sugar as its main ingredients topped with roasted pistachios. It went pretty well with cooling Movenpick's Vanilla ice cream.

Thankfully the service of Zaffron was friendly and courteous. They handled the feedback seriously and most importantly with a smile.

Moong Dal Halwa - $8 & Double Scoop Ice Cream - $9

If you are craving for some old-fashioned favourites from the tandoor and zesty curries, Zaffron Kitchen will definitely worth one's visit.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Zaffron Kitchen
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #01-20 Singapore 608532

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