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Friday, April 11, 2014

You Huak Restaurant 友发餐室

If you have eaten White Been Hoon, you will probably hear of Sembawang's famous White Bee Hoon which is located among the shop houses opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre.

You Huak Restaurant serves Zi Char food beside the well known White Bee Hoon You Huak.
You Huak Restaurant

The interior dining was spacious and neat packed with customers eagerly waiting for their plate of Bee Hoon and items ordered.

Payment of drinks is due when it was served and was separated from the food order. We had Ai yu, ice lemon tea and barley for drinks and desserts.
Desserts and Drinks, Ai Yu Jelly, Ice Lemon Tea and Barley - $5
The favour was same as what I had tried in malaysia just that the Ai Yu Jelly was a tad miserable. Other than that the taste striked a good balance of sweet and sour, very soothing to the throat.
Ai Yu Jelly

Recommended by the lady helper, we ordered one of their popular dishes, the Indonesia fried Chicken Wing. It came 3 in a plate, which breakdown to $2 per piece. Served while they were piping hot and came accentuate with hints of ginger. A look closer and you will notice the fine strands of shredded ginger attached to its golden brown chicken skin. I'm glad that it was not too oily. Though it looked dry outside, as a whole it was tasty. This plain looking dish has some sliced green Japanese cucumber when served.

Indonesia Fried Chicken Wing  (Small) - $6 (3 Pieces)
This is what most of us are here for! The first spoonful of bee hoon left me a "Hmmmm" feeling but not so much of the Wow factor.

The stock was delectable and was rich with seafood taste, I still can remember its sweetness and its generous serving of seafood with eggs scraps over the plate. Though it was already moist, I will recommend that if you can take some spice, remember to drench more chilli on your Bee Hoon as their chilli was quite "powerful".
Seafood White Beehoon (Medium) - $8
Onion Omelette was rather oily. However, if the amount of oil is too little, such golden brown yellow  color of the egg is hard to be achieved. Though it was fluffy, I would still prefer a greater amount of onions to be added.
Onion Omelete (Small) - $6

Though the place was a bit far out from the MRT stations, there are actually free shuttles bus available from Yishun, Sembawang to SSC (Sembawang Shopping Centre). In my opinion, the White Bee Hoon is indeed worth a try.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

You Huak Restaurant 友发餐室
Location: 22 Jalan Tampang (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Telphone: 98434699
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (Closed on Wednesday)

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