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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tong Yi Congee

Hungry for porridge? Here's a recommendation for you at Pasir Panjang Tong Yi Congee but one thing is that you have to join in the queues during lunch hours. They have 15 kinds of porridge available and for those who love raw fish, its available, as well as Frog's porridge in claypot.

Tong Yi Congee
Every bowl of porridge was cooked to order and half  a pair of fried fritters ("You Tiao") is given to every order. Patrons will have the choice of having it as a whole or in smaller pieces. To add on, every pair of fritters were fried by themselves.

Hawker cutting You Tiao into pieces with Scissors
Enjoy every bowl of steaming hot congee over the lunch hours. If you have limited lunch hours, that will be a challenge taking the time for queuing and the temperature of the food into consideration.

Besides "You Tiao", seasonings like fried shallot oil and spring onion were added to bring in more fragrance to the meal.

Mixed Pork Porridge - $3.50
I had a good stir into the congee and notice the amount of meat given. The liquid content had a good balance with the rice thus the congee in overall was not too watery nor was it too starchy.

Ingredients in Mixed Pork Porridge

For those who like minced meat, this is another recommendation for you. 3-5 pieces of minced meat balls were given in the bowl and what's more, they had went through they fryer before sinking themselves into the congee. Just look at those browish meat balls with the congee, simply slurpilcious!

Meat Balls Porridge - $3.50
Although the shop was manned by 2 ladies, they were considered quite fast and efficient during lunch hours. For those who are queuing, do remember to queue behind the yellow line in front of the stall to prevent knocking over the bowls of porridge while they were serving at the counter.

Rating: 4 / 5

Tong Yi Congee
Locationg: Pasir Panjang Food Center, 121 Pasir Panjang, #01-44 Singapore 118543

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