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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kimly Live Seafood

Seafood Restaurant in a Industrial estate? What comes into my mind was like "huh, another Zi Char place again" just that this time round it was located somewhere not in the neighbourhood.

Kimly Live Seafood
After stepping into the industrial canteen, Kimly "Live" Seafood had gave me a total different impression of them. Perhaps that the word "Live" Seafood had been commonly used by Zi char stall and does not really impress me much but I will say that Kimly is different. They had huge tanks of Live Seafood swimming with water pumps installed, what's more the servers were prompt and looked professional with the walkie talkies in their pockets.

Belacan Chilli and Wet Tissue by Kimly

Instead of the flimsy laminated menu we often get, Kimly had their menu in a hard covered booklet and colorful printouts of their dishes in pages.

Menu of Kimly "Live" Seafood
The serving speed was much more faster than what I had expected perhaps within 5 minutes of ordering, there comes my first dish. The macau style bee hoon was impressive! It was moist and has a very special flavour in every strand of Bee Hoon, leaving a good note in my mind. On the other hand, ingredients were more than enough with seaweed, prawns, chicken and fungi etc.

Macau Braised Bee Hoon - $10

Next was the fried fish skin that was beautifully adorn with our national flower, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' under a stack of shredded carrot. Crispily fried with sweet sauce all over, I had enjoyed every crunch of it throughout the meal with the soft brinja. Flavour of the dish was enhanced with the fragrant curry leaves too which make the dish outstanding.

Fragrant Brinjal with Fish Skin - $14
 Mongolia meat was the next dish that had given me a WoW factor. These pork ribs were all coated with special sauce which was both sweet and cloudy yellow in color. The dish was elaborated with some white mushrooms and sunflower seeds, adding good crunch to those tender meat.
Mongolia Creamy Pork Rib - $14

All in all, the dishes were out of my expectation as they were rare and impressive. Given the chance, I will like to introduce friends and pals to go Kimly Live Seafood for meals as it is good for dining in groups

Rating: 4 / 5

Kimly Live Seafood
Location: Tradehub 21, 18 Boon Lay Way #01-98 Singapore 609966

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