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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fu Xiang Kitchen - Cook House

In fact there are quite a number of stall in Jem Cook House that suits my taste bud and one of them is none other than Fu Xiang Kitchen Starring Bishan's Best Curry Chicken.

Fu Xiang Kitchen
Even for the normal dishes, you can opt for an upsize in their omelette. Big eaters, this is for you! Besides having their famous curry chicken, one can also go for their Sambal Fish, Assam Fish or even Fried Grouper Set. One wont be bored by the varieties they had.

Upon having the first mouthful from chicken Curry Biscuit Set, memories flashed back. It tasted similar to one of those I had in my schools! From its curry gravy to the taste of the fried chicken. I was both surprised and elated. The gravy was not too spicy and besides the chicken biscuits, a big piece of fried egg.

Chicken Biscuit Curry Rice  -$5.90
A closeup of the chicken biscuits. It was really crispy and crunchy on its battered. Yums!

Chicken Biscuit

A bowl of soup was given in the set. It was flavourful and filled with sweet chicken taste.

Now that I had find the childhood curry in the west, I'm pretty contented and sure that I will be back soon!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Fu Xiang Kitchen - Cook House
Jem, 50 Gateway Road #05-04, Jurong East, 608549

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