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Monday, March 17, 2014

Athithi Garden - North & South Indian Cuisine [Closed]

Everytime as we pass by this Corner of Bukit Batok, I will tell him that I will like to visit the restaurant and my guy is rather amazed by my expressions as I told him I am not very sure what kind of cuisine the shop is selling since the facade did not leave any clues for guessing, moreover, its quite a distance from the road (where we are in the car).
Athithi Garden - North & South Indian Cuisine
 Athithi Garden is really a Gem, hidden in among the neighbourhood and probably get miss out from our sight due to its location. For those who are keen on  North Indian Cuisine especially, I will highly recommend Athithi Garden as they had left a very good impression to me.

They are a 2 Storey Shophouse with 3 tables of outdoor seatings. I would recommend diners to have the upper level seatings as the lower level were just too stuffy and oven warm due to that the kitchen was just beside the seating place. Here's their stairways up!
Stairways up the 2nd Level
Be pleased by such a classic looking environment ventilated with wall mounted fans and cassette air cons. The comfy cushioned chairs and sturdy semi wooden-glass tables were neat and tidy arranged across the upper dining area. Under the warm lantern lightings, it made the place cosy and one can actually free their mind upon settling in.
Level 2 Dining Environment

Each table were readily prepared with a glass jar filled with drinking and a set of cups.
Drinking water with glasses
A mixture of North & South Indian Cuisine from Athithi Garden, these two pages long of menu was said to provide too many but also not too little food to match up with one's appetite.
Page 1 of the Menu

I dont have much knowledge about Indian food specially when it comes to their small dishes. I'm glad that the lady at the counter was rather friendly and helpful in explaining the dishes.
Page 2 of the Menu
At the top level where beverages were all prepared. The place is suitable for chilling up with their alcholic beverages like "Tiger".
Beverages Preparation Counter
Crispy papadum was included in the meal as expected. The rice came in a pretty rice bowl shape with attractive colors. What's more it had a pleasant sense. Initially we thought that they could have given the wrong order as we had ordered Chicken Biryani and where's the chicken?
Chicken Biryani - $6.80
Hold your horses before asking them for an exchange. The big chunks of chicken were actually well tucked and cover up by these yellow thin and long ginger rice.

I must emphasis that upon having our first mouthful of Athithi Biryani, there was a sudden sparkle in our eyes. This must be the best biryani I ever had thus far in Singapore! The dish was infused with adequate spices and was indeed different from what I had.

Chicken was tender and easily shred off from its bone. Do dip them into the curry sauce given. At times , it might be a little spicy but one little trick - you can add some yoghurt in between for some cooling effects on your tongue. :)
Chicken found!

Butter naan were freshly made and comes in big portion and have to be shared. Each serving come in a basket of 2 and divided up into 2 small pieces with dolly paper attached to its bottom. The melted butter had boost its fragrance on the plain crispy naans.
Butter Naan - $2.30

Perfect, Chettinad is a popular Non vegetables dishes among the North Indian ! Spicy and flavorful with freshly ground masala included. A definite matching for the naans. The taste was consistent and  chicken were bite size.
Chettinad Chicken - $6

Drinks came last perhaps they had forgotten our order. Lime juice were not too sweet and best of all, that was actually done manually, hand-squeezed.
Mango Lassi and Lime Juice - $3.80 & $3

Washing down all those yummy food with a cup of soothing mango Lassi to conclude my dinner. Chilled and refreshing drink after the spices, this Mango Flavoured Yoghurt drink is one of  my Must Order Beverages in my North Indian Cuisine meal.
Mango Lassi - $3.80
If you were to ask if I prefer Wala Prata or Athithi, I will not hesitate to choose the latter for a wonderful North Indian Fix. Now that you know for sure, I will be right back in Athithi for more!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Athithi Garden
Location: Blk 643 Bukit Batok Central #01-42, Singapore 650643
Operating Hours: 11 am - 10pm 

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