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Saturday, March 1, 2014

21 on Rajah

Valentine's Day was just no normal day especially when it was make special by the man who took additional effort to make an advance booking in 21 on Rajah which is nestled in Days Hotel of Balestier.
21 on Rajah
Known for its modern architecture showcasing its Mediterranean cuisine and Singapore local favourites alike, the atomsphere of their dining environment tells us more. The use of color and design of interior was soothing and calm, hanged with cages from the ceiling, looking creative.
Menu was displayed on their payment counter, just before entering the restaurant.
As we were about 45 minutes earlier than our appointment, the restaurant looked quite empty on such a big day like this but as the sky darkens, the place gets more and more crowded.
Dining Area

Here's the Valentine' Day Set Dinner for Him And Her exclusively prepared by 21 on Rajah for this special day. A 4-courses fine dining meal for the dine with a slight difference in menu for its main courses.
Valentine's Day Menu
Besides the presents and bouquet I had received on 14th Feb, 21 on Rajah had actually given a stalk of rose for every couple dined in and with a candle lit up, enhancing the romancing night throughout the meal.
Valentine's Gift

While waiting for the courses to be served, breads were giving with a tangy spread which reminds me of those tomato pasta sauce. Served in a wooden tray, these breads were warm and fluffy, filled with lots of air pockets.
Breads & Spread
A complimentary drink from the restaurant to us, two cups of tasty blended strawberry smoothies that lends a nice gritty texture from its seeds on the smoothly blended ice. What's more, we had a slice of strawberry placed at the side of the glass which packed more romance into the air.
Strawberry Smoothie

Starring the first course, Poached Egg with Soy Marinated Beef Carpaccio and Salted Seaweed as our appetizer. This combination was a perfect start and totally rock my socks off.
Poached Egg with Soy Marinated Beef Carpaccio and Salted Seaweed

Clam Broth with Dashi, Pinto Beans and Cabbage soup was next in menu that caught us by surprise. Ingredients were placed on the plate first followed by hot tasting soup filled to its brim by the helper. Come with hints of lemon grass and the broth was sweet with lots of fresh clams included.
Clam Broth with Dashi, Pinto Beans and Cabbage

For him, we had slow cooked beef cheek with horseradish, miso chive mashed potatoes,braised Daikon and Lotus Root for the main course. Though the sauce and sides tasted great, I find that the beef was just too soft. It tasted close to the texture of beef stew whereby one bite of it would have tore it apart without much effort.
Slow cooked beef cheek with horseradish

For her on the menu is the miso coated Halibut with braised Leek and Mussels in Kombu Broth. Presented with a foamy outlook, the food tasted fresh especially its mussels and Halibut stacked up by a bed of barley pearls . My expectation of the main courses were high especially when the sides were out of my expectation. However, I felt that it was a letdown due to that it was too salty for me.
Miso coated Halibut with braised Leek and Mussels in Kombu Broth

The wait between the dishes were rather long even for their dessert which we thought could have be prepared before hand. Thus we had requested for the bill upon having our last course but we still we were forgotten.

Nevertheless, the desserts were delicately prepared and tasted average to sum up our dinner.
Yuzu Scented Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse with Pineapple and Banana Crumb

Despite having the in-charge apologizing for the long wait in between the meals, I still feel that they could actually do better. My observation throughout was that the team was still quite "raw" in handling such crowd and some even required the In-Charge to walk him/her to the customers' table to serve the food. Professionalism was abit lacking and just for 4 simple courses meal, it took us 2 hours plus to complete though we were there earlier.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

21 on Rajah
Location: Days Hotel, 1 Jalan Rajah Road, Singapore 329133

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