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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

San Lou Seafood

San Low Seafood is located in the area of Taman Pelangi and is rather popular among the Singapore Diners as well as the locals. Even though they are located in the private estates, one do not have to worry about the carpark lots as there are carpark ushers around to help you out.

San Lou Seafood
The place was wide and spacious which was able to accomodate table and table of families. What's more they had a open concept kitchen whereby customers get to have some glimpse from the chefs.  As seen from the picture, it was full house on a weekend night.

Dining Environment
Due to the overwhelming response, we settled down even before the table was cleared by the helpers and menu was given to us upon settling down. Menu was extensive and categorize in Seafood, vegetables and their signature dishes were displayed on the book cover.


What I like about their seafood was their freshness. Customers get to choose their favourite seafood and had a estimate of the cost by its weigh. Although the area was packed full with customers, the service was patient.

Choose your seafood

My all time favourite drink from them is the sour plum juice. This round it was very sour with a little sweetness but it makes was all good to have them before the dishes came along as they help to create a bigger stomach space.

Plum Juice - RM 2.50 Each
 Simply love the sambal belachan chilli with lime which burst full of flavour espeically when you dabbed abit of those on your food.

 The pork ribs were tender and flavourful, drenched with sweet tasting gravy all over.

Pork Ribs - RM 12 (Small)
Opted to have the fish served in Teochew Style. It meat was very tender and one can actually taste the fineness of its meat, not only that that they had cooked the dish in such way with preseved vegetables, tomatoes, chilli and parsley which make entire dish very appetizing. Had spoonfuls of its soup on the plate, it was cleared but flavourful.

Fish - RM 45 (by weigh)

The colour fo the egg was yellowish, unlike the usual ones we had. Egg was soft and very fluffy, a very interesting choice for egg lovers as it was filled with fishcakes, prawns and luncheon meat.

Cotton Rose Fries Egg - RM 8 (Medium)
 Stirred fried Kai Lan was great as well. It's buttery fragrance made the crunchy greens so tasty together with minced garlic.

Vegetables - RM 15
Their must try dish, Signature San Lou Mee Hun! Do not judge the book by its cover. The outstanding part was its presentation, which always come flat on its top, instead of the usual "hill" pile we had. The bee hoon was infused with seafood broth and every strand was fine. The charred and crisp outlook looked pretty ordinary but it was yummlicious despite the simple ingredients like prawns, vegetables, chicken and fishcake. I was rather shocked to see that the large plate of Mee Hun had strunk in size.

San Lou Mee Hun - RM 12 (Large)

For those who do not like to wait, it is best to be there earlier before meal times. During peak hours during my visit, I had waited about an hour before the food came in place.

For guarantee freshness of seafood, San Lou is my excellent dinner place whenever I'm near Taman Pelangi Area. This place is good for dining in groups too.

San Lou Seafood 三楼海鲜

Jalan Biru off Jalan Merah, Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru
07 332 3869 / 07 334 3623

Opening Hours: Daily 430pm to 1am

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