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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Million Fishball Noodle

Tucked at a corner of 130 BGAIN Eating House of Jurong Gateway road, Million stall sells a fair share of yummy fishball noodles. The stall was pasted with articles complimenting its delicious bowl of noodles, especially on its freshness of fishballs.

Million Fishball Noodle Stall

 Im not a fan of fishballs, thus I got mushroom and minced meat noodle as my order. Mee Pok had a consistent texture and blended well with the brown sauce from the braised mushroom as well as the spicy chilli sauce. 

Mushroom & Minced Meat Noodle (Mee Pok Dry) - $3.50
Coupled with a handful of minced meat and a few pieces of lettuce to pair along with the bowl of noodles. I realized that they had a different method of cooking, the prawns and minced meat were cooked way before hand and stored in a separate bowl. They were only placed on top of the noodle once the noodles were evenly mixed by the stall assistant.

Set with Soup
Overall, I find that bowl of noodle was pretty decent over the lunch meal. Nothing much to rave about.

Rating: 3 / 5

Million Fishball Noodle - 130 BGAIN Eating House
Location: Blk 130 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 600130

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