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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Uncle Chicken

If you have missed or have been missing the Margaret Drive Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice that everyone is talking about, please visit Uncle Chicken in Alexandra Village Hawker Centre.

Uncle Chicken Stall

The stall was managed by a man who is tall and thin with a very stern appearance. We ordered half a chicken and shared among the ourselves. Together with 4 bowls of rice, it cost us a total of $16. An individual portion of dining on spot would cost $3.50 per plate. 

Half Bird - $14 (As Stated on Menu)

From the smooth silky outlook, its hard to give such delicious tender fresh chicken a miss. The meat was succulent and with the compliments from the fragrant sesame oil and soy sauce, it was all good.


From the look of the rice, I had mistaken that they were just plain rice as there wasn't any reflections nor the grains had shine in the exterior. The rice had scent from pandan stalks and was not oily at all. If you are adventurous enough, do try out their blended ginger that was mixed with spring onion. Add them to the cool chicken and enjoy the plate of local delicay.

Rice and Sauce

After having uncle chicken, although it was not 100% similar to what I had eaten during the time when Margaret Drive Hawker was still in operation,  it was already pretty close. Perhaps it still lacked the transparent layer of "collagen" (we called it) that was in between its skin and the flesh, that was the main starring point of Marget Drive Chicken Rice that I was taught during then.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Uncle Chicken
Location: Alexandra Village Food Centre, 120 Bukit Merah Lane #01-74, Singapore 150120

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