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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is relatively new to me since they are the first and only soft bone chicken in Singapore till date. Many years back I had actually learned that that by consuming bones, they will actually provide a source of calcium which is essential for growth of our bones, teeth and Iron that helps in red blood cells production. But often out of convenience, I will have them throw away due to that it was way too cumbersome or rather "hard" for consumption. Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken had actually done me a flavour by granting me to have bones eaten down into my stomach. If you are wondering how did they do it, here's the answer. The chicken which Malioboro provide undergone high pressure process, thus resulting those soft and edible bones. The nutritional fact mentioned that every 100 g of PRESSURE-COOKED CHICKEN BONE contains 9.115 g of Calcium and 5.630 mg of Iron.

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken

My visit was to Malioboro was rather early and I was their first customer. The environment was abit dim but from the wooden furnishing , it makes the origins of the cuisine recognizable. The theme color of the restaurant was red, walnut and gold in color, typical colors that we usually see from an Indonesian Restaurant.

Dining Environment
 I ordered salted egg soft bone chicken which was at $8.90 and decided to take away. It was the restaurant's all time favourite. Such a combination of salted egg with chicken had never came across my mind. Malioboro's chicken was unique and tasted better than most Ayam Penyets stalls I ever eaten.

The Set - $8.90 $0.20 (take away)

The chicken was crispy underneath the scrumptious salted egg sauce. The meat was tender and easily fell off the bone. The bone was very soft indeed and manageable. Just too bad that I did not dine in, if not I could have seen my rice in different presentation - in a cone shape as seen from its menu.

Salted Egg
Besides the chicken and rice, sides like cucuber and cherry tomato are added, not forgetting the crunchy "keropok" which was given separately in a sealed plastic bag.

Another Close up of the Food

Since Osteoporosis has become a familiar term in recent years, many of us are conscious of food intake and its benefits. What Malioboro provide are quite in line to our concerns which suggest a good way to increase intake of calcium.

Total Cost including GST: $9.75

Rating: 4 / 5

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken - FEAST
Location: Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-39, Singapore 648331

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