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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let's Clap [Closed]

Being a regular shopper in Jurong Point Mall , Let's Clap has never been in my mind for meals as it is often forgotten due to its location (They are located outside the mall). Being such a regular, there were not much choice of food and we decided to explore the eateries out of the mall. As we stepped out of the mall, the "No Service Charge, nett" sign was quite prominent and without much hesitation, our dining place was decided.

Zi Char Dishes

Let's Clap main dishes were its crabs served in different sauces. However, we decided to go for lighter meal for the night and had them a skip.

Let's Clap signature dishes

Upon sitting down, this menu was handed over to us. The menu looked torn with scotch tape all over and as if flipping it would get any page detached. Do flip them carefully.

Old Menu

The entire place was rather spacious and I felt that eating Zi Char with a better environment enclosed with air-conditioned and great spots lights from the ceilings. The place was brightly lighted, look at the amount of lights installed on the ceiling.

Lightings & Crowd

Interior Seatings

We cant go without drinks on every meal and these herbal drinks were sealed and stored in the chiller.

Small Wheat Grass & Longan Luo Han Drink - $1.80 Each
It's been long since I had the "Wet" style of bee Hoon from Zi Char. I would say that the taste was average, not too much of excitement in the food. But bear with me a little, I have to rant that the Seafood like the Sotongs and Sliced Fish were rather stinky, not that they were not fresh but rather the way how they were prepared. Perhaps by adding some ginger slices would have reduced the smell.

Portion of Bee Hoon -$8 (Medium)

Perhaps this is the best out of 3 dishes ordered. The salty tasting from the preserved beans with a little bit of spiciness from the chopped chilli had rounded up the dish with the fragile Toufu.

Mapo Toufu -$8 (Small)

Personally I'm quite particular with the quality when it comes to such a common dish which is also my favourite dish in Zi Char. The taste of sweet and sour was fair enough however when it comes to the meat portion, I'm totally disappointed. Felt really shortchanged with the amount of meat coated under the batter and sweet sour sauce. There were far too much fat than meat given. :(

Sweet & Sour Pork -$10 (Small)
Total Cost for 2 Pax: $29.60. In summary, their food was rather standard. Why was it crowded? Perhaps in the mall, the price of Zi Char from Restaurants were over budget and their "No Service Charge" rate was pretty attractive.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Let's Clap
Location: Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-17, Singapore 648886

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 1000 - 2200

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