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Monday, December 9, 2013

Arubii 食堂 [Closed]

Arubi Shokudo, another interesting place introduced by my colleagues for its value for money portion and quality Japanese Food. Considering an afternoon during weekdays, the coffeeshop where Arubi is situated was rather quiet. Beside Arubi, there is one other stall opened in the coffeeshop only where the rest were pitched dark, not lited up. But based on hearsay, this Japanese stall had been operating for a very long time and has been a frequent place for Japanese staying nearby.

Stall front with Patrons
During the time of visit, there was only a lady who manned the stall. It was really nice of her to tell us that we had to wait for a while for dish to be serve as she was rather shorthanded. All of us ordered a different kind of dish but luckily she was quite efficient and had our dish all served within 15 minutes of waiting. I had ordered a Beef Teriyaki Set that comes with rice, soup and beef teriyaki with vegetables.

Beef Teriyaki Set Meal - $5.50

Be amazed by the portion of meat given by Arubi Shokudo - it was shocking. Beef tasted alittle spicy with peppercorns grinded like what the lady told us upon ordering. The slices were not too thin and not too thick, just nice with sesame seeds sprinkled all over the yummy meat. It tasted good alone even without the rice.

Beef Teriyaki - Yummy!

Considering the quality and portion, I will recommend this place! Will be back again for its Japanese food!

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Arubi Shokudo アルビ一食堂
Location: Blk 349 Jurong East Avenue 1 Singapore 600349

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