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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WTF - what the fries...

?#! WTF! A playful name of the stall "what the fries" which sells fries in different kinds of sauces. Fries and sauces business are considered not new in trend here but this stall is definitely new after Suntec city went through a major revamp.

What The Fries ?#! WTF
Facade of the stall looked pretty interesting with its crate-alike outlook, which seemingly tell us that the fries were imported.And in fact, they serve premium quality US fries.

Fries come in 2 cup sizes, single and double and prices totally depend on the sauce we choose from. Fries were only prepared based on order to ensure its quality and crispness. Thereafter when the fries were left to cool, the helper had them put into the respective cup size and drenched them with ur ideal gourmet dipping sauce.

For those who enjoy another level of fries fried using truffle oil, truffle fries are also one of their best seller. Not to disappoint the meat lovers, wings, drumlets, nuggets and shrimps were available on menu too.

Overall, their business were similar to "Best Fries Forever". However, WTF had also come up with feasible lunch menu which includes butter rice with chicks and drinks.

Cost: $5.30 (Double)

Nachos Macho Fries (Double)

Rating: 3 / 5

?#! WTF (What The Fries)
Location: Suntec City Tower 2 #B1-137 

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