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Monday, September 9, 2013

Let ur imagination runs wild with DIY-ed pancakes!

Nook was located along the shop houses in Lorong Kilat and is the first DIY pancake house in Singapore. Visiting Nook for a decent breakfast has been in the back of my mind since the day I pass by its place.

Nook - House of Pancakes

As we pushed the glass door and into Nook's dining environment, a sudden rush of special feelings filled me. Though the place's furnishing was semi modern with no tilings but just cement screed, it was surrounded and illustrated as a fun loving environment which made me felt at a sudden loss but luckily Nook had actually pen down the procedures guiding consumers the procedures in DIY-ing their own pancake on the wall painted with chalkboard finishing on the left. How old school!


And to the right, some wooden crates were place next to their cashier counter decorated with spilled mocked up colorful pancake batter. Creative!

Look into the restaurant, the walls were decorated with black & white cartoon scene which featuring a story on Nook. Families were also seen with kids working on the big long benches, flipping and decorating, enjoying their interactive and bonding time while making their own unique pancakes.

Dining Area

Every table was placed with a pancake condiments rack, a Tefal Hotplate and signage indicating the DOs & DONTs while using the hotplate. One thing which I felt harzardous was those extension cords "crawling" on the floor. Any spillage may cause electric/power outage and its accident prone as anyone might just tripped over it, especially when the restaurants has quite a handful of kids around.


We were given the main menu as well as the Pancake DIY menu. Indicative prices were all stated with 6 kinds of batter flavours to choose from. Additional Sweet items and savoury fixing (e.g sauces) were charged separately.

DIY Pancake Menu

Opted for the Pandan Flavour batter and it comes in a bottle with the choice of our toppings (banana slices & Oreo biscuits) by the side.
Cost: S$10.00 (Pancake batter), S$1.50 (per serving of items)

Pandan Batter with Banana Slices & Oreo Biscuits

Let's show the artistic side of us! This is indeed a very good place to reveal one's innovation! :P The other good thing about DIY is that one can actually go through the process of making a pancake and tailor made his/her own design at a different thickness with their desirable flavors.

Our Kind of Art

Ta-da, my butterfly-to-be had turned out to be a monster pancake with banana slices, Oero and hot fudge! Oo Oh!

My Monster Creation

The strawberry milkshake was served after the Pancake Batter and presented with a slice of strawberry on the glass's rim. The transparent glass reveals a good color combination of yummy red strawberry flavours and pink ice cream. If you like strawberry, this is a must try!
Cost: S$6.90

Strawberry Milkshake

They took quite sometime to have our Oreo Milkshake served. Look at the Oreo bits that was blended in the ice cream. Yummy! Oreo lovers out there, do remember  to give it a try!
Cost: S$6.90

Oreo Milkshake

The Breakfast Bully is up next! A very filling platter which you can almost find everything here. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, sauteed mushroom, baked beans, cherry tomatoes, potatoes and brioche!
Cost: S$18.00

The Breakfast Bully

Chef Recommended Dish - The Philly Steak. A special sandwich with sticky cheddar cheese filled with a handful thin slices of beef steak and greens by the side. Out of the 2 mains, I will prefer having the Breakfast bully as the toast was softer and easier to handle.
Cost: S$16.90

The Philly Steak

The total money well spent! In conclusion, I find that this place is a good family/friends bonding place to pass time especially on a Sunday. Service overall is above average with the attentive servers. Though Nook maybe alittle pricey, it is quite worthwhile to unleash your creativity in personalizing your own piece of pancake.

Location: Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat #01-03, 598123

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