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Sunday, July 14, 2013

I have begun my table manners, have you?

A quirky restaurant name with planned interior decorated and designed with a modern theme. A lot of creative efforts was put in from the photos that was hanging on the walls with quotes and the table placement you will never forget the Table Manners.
Lightings - Table Manners in Changi Singapore

Ambiance - Table Manners in Changi Singapore

Let us check it out and my table manners will begin here...

Wait to be served - Table Manners in Changi Singapore
 Wait to be served

Truffle Chicken Bites - $6 - A strong wave of truffle aroma hits me as they were approaching the our tables. These golden brown gems are served piping hot, with thick crust of exceptionally crispy skin and steam soft tender chicken bites.

Truffle Chicken Bites - Table Manners in Changi Singapore
Truffle Chicken Bites

Chicken Parmigiana - $17
Breaded chicken leg topped with tomato sauce and grated flaky mozzarella cheese. The crispy fried meat was paired with mouthwatering mash potato and its house salad.

Chicken Parmigiana - Table Manners in Changi Singapore
Chicken Parmigiana

King's Burger - $16 - They said eat like a king and we had ordered this. tongue. Listed as one of their recommended dishes. Requested for medium-well for wellness of beef. The patty was made by the restaurant using the combination of pork and beef tastes really juicy. Comes with a generous portion of bacon, onion, gherkins, cheddar cheese slice, sliced tomato, lettuce and a striking yellow from the sunny side egg paired with truffle fries and house salad. This is totally worth your pocket.

King's Burger - Table Manners in Changi Singapore
King's Burger

Home-made lemonade - $4 was pretty average, not too sourly but rather refreshing with a slice of lemon floating atop of the drink.

Home Made Lemonade - Table Manners in Changi Singapore
Home Made Lemonade

Cappuccino - $5was requested to serve at a later stage. Foamy with chocolate powder on the top. Feels like having a hot chocolate but with the taste of coffee beans.

Cappucino - Table Manners in Changi Singapore
Service was a let-down. Waitresses and waiters are busying chatting among themselves, service was rather slow and we have to wave alot of times to gain their attention, even for the bill. sad

Total cost including 10% of service charge and 7% of GST costs S$56.50. There are no credit cards promotions available.

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