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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Honolulu Cafe

Taking over Mak's Noodle at Westgate will be Honolulu Cafe. Origin from Hong Kong, Honolulu is best known for its flaky egg tarts and of course Hong Kong Dishes.

Honolulu Cafe
Was kind of shocked to heard so many people lauded about their tarts. It was a far cry to what was expected. It lacked the butter fragrance no doubt that the tart was flaky. The egg fillings was not too please too!

Honolulu Egg Tart - $1.80
Chilled and cooling however the tart as an overall was quite tasteless and its crust was not up to expectation.

Beancurd Tart - $2
Both addictive and stomach filling. Egg Roll was sweet with luncheon meat fillings added with cheese. Totally enjoyed the yummy watery roll.

Cheese Luncheon Meat and Egg Roll - $5
Chu Qian Yi Ding Instant noodle is my favourite but this was prepared dry tossed. Topped with a few tea spoonfuls of XO Sauce with shredded scallion on the noodles. Nevermind for the bad taste in noodle but I would have thought that the Pork Chop would have completed my meal. However it failed too. Pork Chop looked dry and tasteless, there was quite some fatty meat too.

XO Tossed Noodles with Pork Chop - $7.80
Pineapple Bun is also known as "Polo Bao" in cantonese. This bun is quite common in Hong Kong. The buns have flaky exterior as its characteristics and many times with a sinful slice of melting butter tuck inbetween it.

Pineapple Bun - $4.20
More of lemon water as there was not much watercress taste in there.

Watercress & Lemon - $1.50
Comparing to other Cha Cheng Teng we had in Singapore, sad to say that Honolulu Cafe is of no fight to them. There are better room for improvement for them.

Rating: 3 / 5

Honolulu Cafe
Location: Westgate Mall, Westgate, 3 Gateway Dr #02-06 Singapore 608532

Friday, April 28, 2017

He Ji Wu Xiang Guan Chang 合记五香贯肠

Talking about Wu Xiang Guang Chang in Maxwell Food Centre, I bet you have already heard of the two popular ones. China Street and none other than He Ji Wu Xiang Guan Chang or better known as Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang.

The Stall
Besides stall being so prominent as they are located just right at the first row of the main road what amazed me was the senior stall man who had pleated his hair and leaving it at the back of his head. Looks cool!

Meals menu are preset base on sizes and you can order at them $6 / 8 /10 / 12 /15. The stall is run by a team of 2, one middle age man and one middle age lady. If you notice, they have won many awards over the years as many of the certificates were plastered at the stall.

We had a plate of Wu Xiang Guang Chang for 2 with Bee Hoon. What surprised me was its bowl of sweet translucent sauce that was served.

Set for 2 - $8.80 with Bee Hoon
We have Wu Xiang, Guan Chang, Century Egg, Fried Tofu, Fried Liver Wrap and egg.

Fried Wu Xiang & Guan Chang
Bee Hoon were cut and in shorter lengths. Springy and goes well with the plate of Wu Xiang and Guan Chang.

Bee Hoon
The food speaks for themselves why this stall had been well received by others. Do try it when you are there.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

He Ji Wu Xiang Guan Chang 合记五香贯肠
Location: Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur St #01-97, Singapore 069184

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tokyo (东京烧)

Tokyo is one of the stalls that you can see opening at night in Ayer Rajah Food Centre. Basically, they are a BBQ stall selling typical BBQ Seafood like fish, prawns, crabs, crayfish, cockles and vegetables.

Despite having ordered the medium portion, the amount of meat look rather little to 2 pax. The chilli was ordinary and lack the extra punch of fiery taste. However you can add the given sauce to enhance its taste.

Sting Ray - $10
 BBQ Sotong caught by my surprise as the amount of chilli paste was little. I took another glance at the menu again and then realize that the preparation is actually different from the rest as it was using salted pepper with a little chilli. Even if you are looking for Squid rings, there aren't any here as they come in slices. It was a pleasant surprise with their style of serving and squid was fresh.

Hot Plate Squid - $8
Better known as "La La" to the locals. This is one of my favourite seafood. The taste was not too fantastic as it only fried with chilli. It would be perfect, if it can be done with a little bit soury and spicy with gravy to pair along with the bowls of rice.

White Clams - $8
I was kind of disappointed as reviews mentioned that they were best BBQ in the West. No doubt I agree that their style of preparation may differs abit from the normal ones, I still find the taste rather ordinary and nothing to shout about.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tokyo (东京烧)
Location: Ayer Rajah Food Centre, Blk 503 West Coast Drive #01-07, Singapore 120503

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Famous JB Firewokz 新山101小厨

The second visit to the atrium at WCEGA had given me a surprise as the stall taking over Kay Lee Roast Stall space is in fact Famous JB Firewokz. From its name, the stall had kind of indicated that they are selling Cze Char dishes from JB (Johor Bahru) and even from the stall front you can get to see a few signature dishes from there.

Famous JB Firewokz
If you are less worry about fatty food, perhaps you can try out their Fermented Red Beancurd Garlic Fried Pork Belly. The meat had gone through a good marinate as they were well fried and these pork bellies tasted consistent.

Garlic Fried Pork Belly - $10 (Small)
Fried Bittergourd in with salted egg? Well, it was the first time ever I had seen on the menu. We order a small version but portion was much more generous than we thought. It was crispy and salted egg taste had complement the bittergourd taste well.

Crispy Salted Egg Bittergourd - $8 (small)
With White Been Hoon in the trend nowadays, its rather tough to find one tasty version which is deemed suitable to our palettes. We like the rich and tasty broth from White Bee Hoon in Sembawang. Despite not having order their Seafood White Bee Hoon, we find that their signature Lala White Bee Hoon has its style too.

Signature Lala White Bee Hoon - $12 (Big)
The service crew is bubbly and always bring a smile when serving our ordered item.  Jovial and manage to bring a smile on his customers face. With so many signature dish on the item, I will like to make another trip down and order other items.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Famous JB Firewokz 新山101小厨
Location: Stall 3 & 4 WCEGA Tower, 21 Bukit Batok Crescent 658065

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey) 多丽哥粿汁

With so many visits to Old Airport Road Food Centre, I have always pass by this stall and skip due to the snaky queue, if not it will be that I'm craving for Lor Mee. However this time round when I was back there, I remembered and insist that we should give the stall a try. Initially I was quite disappointed as I thought the stall had closed down due to the wrong unit number written online.

Blanco Court
Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey)
Many have noted Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey) as one of the best tasting Kway Chap in Singapore and if you are a fan of Kway Chap, I bet their Kway Chap would not disappoint you either. The Kway is silky smooth soaked in the fragrant broth. Taste of the broth was old school, not too sweet and fragrant was empowered by fried onions in oil.

Why is there a long queue? Verdict? If you are a fan of braised intestines, the answers are all there! There is no existence of stench or bitterness in the big intestines. Blanco Court has prepared them well whereby every piece of it was cleanly done with refreshing taste in its braised sauce.

We have ordered a set for 2 pax. However, if you would like to order additional item, each part of the innards are priced at its menu.

Kway Chap Set for 2  - $8.80

Kway Chap for 2 
This left quite a good impression as this is the cleanest innards that I ever tasted.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey)
Location: Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-135, Singapore 390051

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hua Yu Wee 华友园

Hua Yu Wee is an old school Cze Char housed in a Colonial bungalow along upper East Coast Road.
Restaurant is known for its nostalgic feel and pocket friendly Cze Char dishes.

Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant
Given a Friday evening, the place was bustling with people, young and old. Given this, dining is only make possible with reservations even though restaurant have extended its seating into the backyard area. Servers were dressed in Kerbaya which reminds me of Singapore Airlines where our air stewardess are all dressed in such traditional costumes.

Hua Yu Wee
Best is parking is free and even if the parking lots are full, valet parking is available without additional cost.

Valet Parking for Free
Going straight after the main gate will be where the diners gather. However if you are wondering where did they prepare the food, well if you look closer on the left side after entering the main gate, you will see a block perpendicular to the main dining area where you heard lots of hitting noises from the wok and pans, that's the one.

Driving into Hua Yu Wee
Looking around the tables and it seems to be a popular dish in Hua Yu Wee. It was sweetly coated in sauce and all I can say that its crispy and gave a good cracking feel when you bite on it.

Deep Fried Baby Squids - $12.84
The Tofu was good. The perfection of a little crispy on the outside cradling the soft silky tofu inside where the top layer was cover with spinach, assorted mushrooms and enoki. The sweet and starchy gravy was so pleasant and moreover with the enoki, they give the dish an extra bite.

We all like healthier choices and for the greens we had stirred fried broccoli with garlic. Simple food like this is comfort food as the gravy tastes good with a bowl of plain rice.

Garlic with Broccoli - $10.70 / $16.05 / $21.40
Oh yeah! Oatmeal with prawns was definitely fragrant. Prawns were fresh and plump. Surprisingly, the fried oatmeal were pillowy soft.

Prawn with Oatmeal - $20.33 / $40.66 / $55.64
The entire chicken was very well deep fried and preserved. It was such tasty that I had a thought I'm attending someone's dinner as the service was good with servers dividing out into portions for the table of us.

Feng Sha Chicken 风沙鸡 - $32.10
Given the traditional place, Salted Egg Yolk crab is not in the menu, however they do serve the common ones like ketchup with chilli, black pepper, salt and pepper baked, deep fried butter and steamed crab. Crabs were all charged at $7.28 per 100g.

Steamed Crab
We ordered the most original recipe and did not expect it to turn out so well! It was all impressive, at least to us with its most original flavour without additional sauces it was tasty in its juiciest and plump fresh. On top of that these crustaceans were placed on a bed of steamed egg which makes it presentable and unique in its style. Steam eggs were silky, light and refreshing. Believe me, I cant simply stop at one spoonful.

On the bed of steamed egg
Next will be crab again but served in the mixture of Tomato Ketchup and chilli sauce. The amount of spice was well balance out by the ketchup. Meat was as fresh and plump. However, more votes will still be given to the original steamed crab.

Ketchup and Chilli Crab
Take these lovely Mantou for a dip inside the spicy chilli sauce and soak them up!

Fried Mantou
When all yummy food fills our tummy, here comes the complimentary food from the restaurant. We have a platter of 2 melons, watermleon and honey dew melon. They were served chilled and tasted sweet.

Complimentary fruits
Being the first timer there, even though the environment may seems a little bit of chaotic initially, I would say that servers were all professionally trained. We are dining in big groups, occupying 2 tables and service was rather prompt without having our serving mixed up with others. As a whole, I like the place as it is good for gathering and family dinners. Even if you are there to celebrate your birthday, they are there to help you play the birthday song in the background for you!

Rating: 4 / 5

Hua Yu Wee
Location: 462 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 466508

Thursday, April 6, 2017


If you have not take a look closely, you will have miss out Ronin which is located at 17 Hong Kong Street. The facade is pretty usual like a office building and has no attention catching signage that make the place known.

As I went into the cafe, I was kind of shock with its crowd. Just imagine a place without signage, this cafe is surely doing good! The place was furnished in the industrial theme, dimmed but cosy with Menu attached to the wall. If you are looking for a great variety of food, then this place isn't quite for you as their menu is short and sweet, straight forward.

Menu on the wall
Be prepared to share tables with someone as I was told that the place was bustling with Cafehoppers during the weekends especially. Long Black is served in Hot and Cold with a dollar difference. Long Black has nothing to rave about as it quite ordinary. Perhaps we should have ordered their signature drink "Wicked".

Long Black (Hot) - $5
While the non coffee me prefers Matcha-Toned, it reminded me of my capsule drink from Dolce Gusto. The fun part about this is that those Green Matcha were sticked onto the wall of the glass and in order to experience the drink fully, I have to make a good stir in the cup.

Matcha-Toned - $6
Choice of Toast can be chosen, either Sourdough or seeded with Butter & Jam Lady Jam. We had something kind of mix and match on the menu with Eggs on our toast, scambled added with Pork Sausage and Portobello mushroom. Pretty ordinary.

Eggs on Toast with Sausage and Mushrooms - $18.50
Dirty Ronin does look dirty spreading on the Sandwiches and I guess perhaps this is how they name it after. These are quite challenging for fork and knife and I decided to use it bare hands. Sandwiches ingredients includes Chorizo (pork sausage), Emmental Cheese, soft egg, Miso Mayo and lettuce. The sandwiches wasn't quite for me as it was quite hard.

Dirty Ronin - $15
Overall, I felt that the place is more for coffee lover and nothing much about the food as menu was not extensive for us.

Rating: 3 / 5

Location: 17 Hongkong Street #01-01 Singapore 059660
Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm Daily