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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Amara Singapore [Media Tasting]

On the 15 February 2018 from 6pm at the Grand Ballroom in Amara Singapore, there will be a one-time reunion dinner opened to all guests celebrating this Lunar New Year’s 2018 Earth Dog.

Thereafter, guests can choose from a sumptuous line-up of culinary haven with affordable 8-course menus. The Golden Prosperity at S$68++ or Joyous Abundance at S$88 per person with a minimum of six persons per table.

For guests that wish to enjoy extra posh and private dining experience, they can take up the Imperial Fortune reunion package at S$1,888++ for a table of 10 persons. This includes with a fully equipped family karaoke system. Apart from that menu is made interesting with dishes like sea urchin, black chicken ginseng soup and cod fish.


Kickstarting our CNY Buffet dinner with the ascetically coiled Angel Hair Pasta adorn with flowers and bright orange fish roes. Personally, this is my favourite of all Starters. Though chilled, the pasta was springy and had a pleasant whiff of truffle oil, it also marries well with the use of Kombu.

Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil and Kombu
No, that is not Wasabi on top of the Drunken Chicken. In fact, these silky chicken was adorned by the use of ginger mix and wolfberries. Presentation in its color is definitely catchy.

Drunken Chicken
No strong alcohol taste here and chicken was pretty tasty in its juicy form, blending in well with the ginger mix..

As the saying goes "As Cool As a Cucumber", this was refreshingly prepared and dressed with Sesame and fish roes. Besides being crunchy, there was a twist to the taste with some spiciness.

Cucumber with Sesame Dressing
There are 2 kinds of Homemade dishes for Salmon and one of it is Beetroot Salmon. We know the benefits of beetroot and some even turned off by the taste of such healthy root. Surprisingly, the beetroot taste was still alright.

Homemade Beetroot Salmon
When the orange meets the orange! The use of Sweet tangy orange with salmon was great.

Homemade Mandarin Orange Salmon
Hot Selection

Seafood lovers, these Black Pepper Crayfish might be a take.  Meat was plump and fleshy. The sauce brings a tad sweetness and was not too peppery on the crustacean. 

Black Pepper Crayfish
Pen Cai has a good significance for the Chinese New Year and it represent abundance and richness. Over the years, it had grown its popularity and comes in different varieties. This is one pot Chinese dish of Cantonese origin is traditionally served in large wooden, porcelain or even metal basins due to the communal style of consumption and I believe this is how the dish name "盆菜" came about. To buy this separately, the standard size will cost $188 while the larger size at $288. They do have Non-Vegetarian Pen Cai available too.

Vegetarian Treasure Pot (Pen Cai)
Here comes the Roasted Chicken in Spicy Sichuan Sauce. The chicken was nicely roasted to its golden brown crispy skin and tasted good.

Roasted Chicken with Spicy Sichuan Sauce (Whole)
Smoked duck was infused with Camphor and Tea Leaves. Tasted not too bad.

Smoked Duck with Camphor and Tea Leaves (Whole)
Pretty popular during the dinner as those plump asparagus was wiped up soon we reach the dish. Nevertheless, this this was kind of unique on its own apart from other CNY dishes we are expecting. Beef was tender and do not have any gamy taste. It was served in good bite size chunks.

Beef Bourguignon
A Chinese New Year celebration can never be completed without "Lou Hei". The CNY Chinese Reunion dinner packages include the Salmon Yu Sheng Set which was specially arranged in the Shape of the Dog. Prices are at $68 for standard size and $88 for a larger size.

Lao Yu Sheng
Dessert Station

It's the season for Chempedak and the chef had taken this opportunity to present desserts that make up of this fruit. I was overwhelmed with the fragrant of this tropical fruit and a varieties of dessert made from it. I thought it was a very daring try by the Chef to invent this.

Chempedak Cake
Swiss Roll was pillow soft and fluffy with cream and chempedak chunks as fillings.

Chempedak Swiss Roll
Perhaps this is my favourite out of all desserts. Simply love the texture and bite from the Agar Agar. It will be better if I can have it chilled.

Chempedak Agar Agar
Pudding was wobbly and filled of Chempedak bits. It tasted good with milk and was topped with assorted berries like blue berries, strawberries, raspberries and black berries.

Chempedak Pudding
Take your portion of Creme Brulee topped with berries! Sweet!

Chempedak Crème Brulee
Last but not least, presenting Butter Cake with Chempedak Bits and packed of its fragrance. However, it can be better if the cake can be a little bit more moist.

Chempedak Butter Cake
Only the Pomelo Tang Yuan is exempted from the Chempedek taste.  Marking the customary occasion, every guest will be served this special rendition Chinese Festive Dessert, Tang Yuan. This little balls was prepared in sweetened soup with Pomelo fleash and mint leaves.

Pomelo Tang Yuen

CNY F&B Promotions (1 Feb – 2 Mar 2018)

·         Element and EOTS (Element on Tras Street)

(6 -12 years)
Reunion Dinner
15 Feb 2018, Thu
 6pm – 10.30pm
Mon – Fri
12pm – 2.30pm
Mon – Sun
 6pm – 10.30pm
Sat – Sun
11.30 am – 2pm
2.30pm – 5pm

Many thanks to Amara Singapore and Lindy for the invite.

Amara Singapore
Location: 165 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088539

Friday, January 12, 2018

Royal Park Hotel

With so many trips to Hong Kong, I have never been to Shatin. If not for my job, I would never have known that such place exists.

Staying in Royal Park Hotel was a good choice as it is conveniently located in the heart of Shatin, easily accessible to MTR Shatin station as well as New Town Plaza, which is the largest shopping complex in Shatin offering a comprehensive range of shopping, recreational and entertainment facilities with over 400 shops and cinema.

On top of that Hotel is just 30 minutes from China by rail and 40 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport.

Lobby of Royal Park Hotel
Executive Room was spacious with twin or double bed satisfying the comfort of the guests. Simply love the writing desk area and sofa resting area, it comes in handy for us who wants to work after business hours.

Executive Room Facing the Buildings
Writing Desk Area

Sofa Resting Area Beside Bed
With about 4 nights at the hotel, in terms of amenities and cleanliness, I must admit that I'm pretty satisfied. The only peeve I had was perhaps the Internet Connection line that is not very stable and its tough to work during after office in the Hotel.


Location: 8 Pak Hok Ting Street, Shatin, Hong Kong

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Nyonya Chendol

The snaky queues of the Nyonya Chendol had caught our attention and we decided to have a bowl of it after our meals.

The menu of the stall is pretty straight forward as there are only 4 choices available. The original chendol or with corns, red beans and Durian.

Nyonya Chendol
Being spoilt with a variety of chendol in Malacca a few weeks back, my expectation of Chendol could have been more. In fact I find this chendol filled of Coconut Cream and was not up to my expectation. Even though Gula Melaka was used, I still find that the dessert tasted "Jelat" overall.

Original - $1.50
On a side note, the coconut jelly used was green and plump in size. I topped up my portion of original Chendol with sweet corn.

Sweet Corn Chendol - $2
Here's what we had ordered.

Our Order

Rating:  2.5  / 5

Nyonya Chendol
Location: 116 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588172

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nonya Delicatessen

Nonya Delicatessen has been serving Peranakan Dishes since 1980. Although I have noticed this stall for years, I only get to try out their dishes recently as many of the times they were either closed or sold out. They are opened daily till food last, also they also provide takeaways for all occasions.

Nonya Delicatessen
We visited on a Sunday where many of the patrons came to fix their stomach after their usual groceries shopping at the supermarket.

Dining Area


Notice to Patrons
There are 2 sizes available for Rojak and we ordered the smaller portion. Peanuts were generously sprinkled on top of the Rojak. Taste wise, rojak is pretty ordinary with the usual ingredients, You Tiao, Cucumber, Tau Pok, Pineapple, Ginger Flower Bud etc.

Rojak - $5
One of the main dishes that you might want to try. Gravy of Mee Siam is light and refreshing without being too spicy. Ingredients include fishcake, beansprouts, Tau Pok, hard boil egg and spring onions.

Mee Siam - $5
Nasi Kunyit is one of the staples served by Nonya Delicatessen and if you observed, majority of the customers have one of such on their table. The portion of yellow ginger rice served was little but fragrant and packed of aroma. You can upsize the dishes at additional dollar for bigger serving. The serving includes a rich and succulent big piece of curry chicken whereby the meat easy fell off from its bone and sides like AChar and hard boiled egg were included too. On top of that, the chilli was commendable. It was sweet spicy, unique on its own. Simply, a satisfying meal!

Nasi Kunyit - $7
Fragrant and not mentioning the good portion of yam, sweet potato and red ruby it contains. Bo bo Cha Cha may be something you might want to order after your meal.

Bo Bo Cha Cha - $2.50
Refreshing and light with red beans and coconut jelly. Ice cubes were added to make it cold. However, with us just returning from Malacca weeks back, this Cendol is not comparable and taste is still far from expectation.

Cendol - $2.50
Overall, I like their service as they make us feel very at home. On a down side, one may need to queue for sometime and price maybe on a higher range. Nevertheless, looking at the queue and regular patrons, you will know that such delicacies are simply worth it.

The Queue

3.25 / 5

Nonya Delicatessen
Location: 1 Jln Anak Bukit #B1-K69 Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore 588996

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Better Florist in Singapore as the Best Option

A Better Florist is truly the best option for flower shopping if you’re in Singapore. But not just in Singapore, in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and a large number of other locations in Malaysia. As the best florist in Dubai and a flower delivery Malaysia has never had before, A Better Florist works towards providing a flower service of this century. They’ve stepped away from the usual, and updates their flower shop so that it’s exactly what a shopper of the 21st century needs. 

First of all, the best florist in Singapore offers online shopping. The website is beautiful and user-friendly, so at the same time you get to soak in all of the beautiful designs they put out, but find your way to the shopping cart very easily. It’s both mobile and desktop friendly, so you can even shop for flowers on the go. They aren’t the best florist in Hong Kong and the best flower delivery in Singapore for no good reason. 

You’ll be delighted to see a large collection of flowers, encompassing everything from rose bouquets to grand opening flowers Singapore loves, to pampering bundles, flower arrangements and funeral flowers Singapore also needs in times of grief. Every design is crafted to be appropriate for a certain occasion, but they add a special touch to every design, so that you always have something unique to gift. 

The Singapore flower shops, as well as the Dubai flower delivery and the Hong Kong flower delivery have something more to offer than just flowers, which is what most of us are used to seeing from flower shops. They were able to expand their offering to cater to all those who need personalised gifts for the most special days in their life. Whether you need holiday fruit baskets Singapore loves to get during Christmas, or a get well soon hamper Singapore loves to get for their friends in need, they have it all. They are able to customise or make from scratch every hamper or every flower that you order, and it’s really easy to talk to them, so you don’t waste time or effort. They know exactly how to create what you need. 

Another reason why you just might fall in love with ABF is their delivery. They have an amazing, fast express delivery that can get to you in just 90 minutes, and not just in Singapore. They are the best florist in Abu Dhabi and the best flower delivery in Hong Kong for this reason, because they are able to cater to you fast, in emergencies, without you having to run around the city, stressing out trying to find something authentic and beautiful. With their flower delivery, you can relax, because they are available always and they will make it in record time to any destination. Besides the express delivery, they also have a same day flower delivery Singapore adores, because it’s free and because you always know when your order will arrive. Whether you’ve requested a hamper delivery Singapore’s A Better Florist offers, or need a grand opening flower stand delivered to a business venue, they always have the people and they always find a way to deliver, which is what I love most about them. There are no cancellations and there’s nothing impossible for them.

If this sounds like a dream, it isn’t, it’s real. Adding to everything that they are really affordable, and they create something for everyone, you’re going to love them. Their personal, authentic approach to everything makes you feel taken care of and appreciated, which is what sets them apart from other businesses.
I highly recommend checking out A Better Florist, as a flower shop that’s not just a successful business, but a family of florists that are going to take care of all your needs. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Yon Yan

Ever since the stall opening, snaky queues have been seen non-stopping during lunch hours and Stall owner Mr Hu has been busy as ever. There were many times that we were curious and waited to try Yon Yan's food but was drawn back by its queue as our lunch time is rather limited.

Yon Yan
Recently, we read an article that Mr Hu, the stall owner had stopped his business for half a year due to his severe illness and now he is back on the field. For those who may not know, 3 years back when the stall was located in Redhill Hawker , our Prime Minister Mr Lee was in the queue too.

Price List

Neatly Place
We work out its pricing and decided to order every item on its menu to try out. Items sold are limited to a few, Luncheon Meat, Sausage, Fishcake, Ngoh Hiong and Chicken Wing. These items were neatly placed on the tray.

Food Items
With only 2 person to manned a stall with such long queues, the expression from Mr Hu's face does not look too good. He has to hover between serving customers and ensuring that the pot of simmering Bee Hoon while the lady in the stall take care of frying the pieces of items like chicken wings to golden brown crispy perfection.

Chicken Wings - $1.40 Each
Comparing the Bee Hoon taste to what we have from Eng Kee I would say its a far cry. To be particular and in depth, there is a dry food taste from the Bee Hoon which was not in our favour. Bee Hoon was cut into shorter length with taste being mediocre and nothing to shout at. Perhaps the popular item that is worth some comments is the chicken wing. It was well marinated, accentuated with sweet juicy taste. What's more in the thinly coated battered golden brown crisp together with their chilli, it tasted good.

Bee Hoon at the Stall
After much thoughts and discussion with the lunch mates, though the taste might not be delicious, having Yon Yan can make a very economical choice of lunch as Bee Hoon and Fried Chicken Wing altogether only costs $2 which is a very good deal to keep your stomach full.

$0.60 Portion of Bee Hoon

Bee Hoon & Their Chilli
Yon Yan
Location: 726 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120726
Operating Hours: 11am - 2pm
                                5pm - 8.30pm
                               Close on Sunday & Monday