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Thursday, December 14, 2017

miCasa Kitchen & Bar

mi Casa is actually an upgrade from a nearby hawker stall in Bukit Timah market and food Centre. They have transformed from a kitchen into kitchen and bar now. On top of that, the upper level of miCasa provides a different type of ambiance.

While waiting for the food, we had some Australian Juices to accompany us. They are cranberry and lime juice.

Juices - $7
Ciabatta was lightly toasted and served warm with mushrooms.

Ciabatta with Mushroom - $9

Glistering top layer of pork cheek is crispy and definitely addictive with its melting texture. Put the cube into your mouth and gently press it down with your tongue and enjoy it. It may look the our Chinese version of "Sio Bak" but this is way healthier as these cheeks are less fatty, tender and richer in flavor. Try and you may like it!

Pork Cheek - $16
Live clams in white wine sauce was their Local Fresh Catch and nicely done up consisting buttery flavours of wine with garnishing like garlic, spring onions and cut chilli.

Live Clams in White Wine - $18
With the natural sweetness from the clams, the stock was made delicious and I cant stop at the first helping.

Close up of the Clams
It must be crazy to order Clam Pasta after ordering the live clams but the love of having clam just didnt stop us. Pasta was cooked to Al Dente perfection and in light stock. However we would prefer the stock of the pasta from the white wine above. Perhaps so, the dish will be made perfect.

Clam Pasta - $16
The thing about ordering striplion here is base strictly on its weight. If not for the wait on Tomahawks that will take about 45 minutes, we would have skipped the striploin. Nonetheless, having striploin also means that we may be back for the 1kg of Tomahawks. With the good crowd at night, if you want to order Tomahawks, it would be best to order in advance.

Striplion - $42.84
Striploin in medium rare doneness as requested was pretty well prepared as seen from the pinkish layer of meat in between, acommpanied by mashed potatoes and some garden greens. Meat was tender and awesomely done.

This is not the usual carbonara that get soaked in a pool of cream (even though I prefer that style). One of the perks of this dish is the generous use of sausage as well as pork meat.

Carbonara - $14
Given the homely ambiance and relaxing environment, its hard not to be back again. Food might not be the most authentic Spanish or Italian ones but at least it somewhere we know that will not hurt your pocket in terms of such cuisine.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Mi Casa Kitchen & Bar
Location: 102C Jalan Jurong Kechil Singapore 598602

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tanuki Raw

I have been reading Tanuki Raw somewhere and it kinds of remind me of Donburi with onsen egg. (Their marketing advertisement has been good to give me such good impression). We was looking at Minions Cafe in Orchard Central and it wasn't appealing to us and by chance we decided to dine in Tanuki Raw instead.

The Bar Counter

Counter overseeing Kitchen
Tanuki Raw is modernly furnished in an industrial interior tempered by eye-catching furniture.
and has 80 seats spread across an outdoor balcony overlooking Orchard Road.

It was fun sitting at the bar side observing how the tenders mix and prepare variety of drinks. As for our glasses of Water Melon Yuzu. Fresh watermelon juice were already prepared before hand and kept in the fridge. They just have to mix portion of it with yuzu and served them on the "rocks".

Water Melon Yuzu - $10

Tanuki's Coaster
While Tanuki Raw is having a house promotion for happy hour daily from 5-8pm, we get to order Oysters at $2 each, limited to 6 pcs per glass of drink. The fresh raw oysters they served were brought in from Canada, France and Japan.

Fresh Oysters - $2 Each
Besides having that, we ordered a plate of 5 slices salmon that falls under the happy hour promotion too. It was great having Sashimi again with Wasabi and Soy Sauce!

Salmon Sashimi
For bites, seeing Sweet Potato Fries excites me. These thick-cut sweet potato fries were deep fried with Tanuki Raw's spice mix, truffle oil and served with truffle aioli in an aluminium tin.

Truffle Sweet Potato Fries - $10.90
One of the recommended rolls on the Menu is none other than the Golden Kani Maki with deep fried house seasoned soft shell crab, fresh snow crab, cucumber and crispy mozzarella all in a roll. Divided into portion of 4, these delicious rolls were topped with toasted seaweed and drizzled with generous amount of golden salted duck egg hollandaise sauce.

Golden Kani Maki - $18.90
Well, we just did not have enough of salmon and here comes the seared salmon roll topped with Mentaiko sauce over some crispy mozzarella cheese, seasoned flakes and Tanuki's Oko Sauce! Yums!

Superstar Roll - $12.90
It was my first time there and would not be my last. Simply love the environment. Best of all, if you are having gathering with friends who are vegetarians, there are food for them too. Hope to be back soon.

Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Tanuki Raw
181 Orchard Road, 04-01 Orchard Central, 238896

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bayswater Kitchen

Bayswater Kitchen is a restaurant on Keppel Bay Island by The Prive Group located right by the side of  the waterfront at the scenic Marina at Keppel Bay. It does have a relaxing and laidback atmosphere inspired by the seaside.

Bayswater Kitchen
The decor and furnishing of Bayswater Kitchen is bright and breezy themed with nautical accents. With the alfresco dining section, the place is rather popular in the evenings as you can enjoy a good view of Keppel Marina.

Alfresco Setting
Let alone with good seafood, it would be best to pair with alcohol.

Seaside Theme
In fact the fisherman's feast is recommended by the restaurant as Seafood Lovers "Wet" Dream.

Dining at the counter
Get going and check out what we are having!

Looking over into the counter
Their menu is dated with a stamp and that suggested that items on it are subjected to change base on season and what is available in the kitchen.

To start, we had the Chargrilled Octopus. It was smoky and grilled to perfect tenderness. The dish was awesome with smoked roe, Gremolata, Borlotti Beans.

Chargrilled Octopus - $22
The Fisherman's Feast was a scrumptious meal for us. Their homemade hand-rolled linguine was commendable as it was lightly soaked and cooked in their seafood stock. Fisherman feast was not completed without the main ingredients like lobster, prawn, mussel, clams and fish of the season.

Fisherman's Feast - $38 per pax
The feast requires a minimum order for 2 pax, that also means you can order similar dish if you are dining in a group and portion will be serve accordingly to per head. Thumbs up to the Fisherman's Feast!

Eyes on the Lobster
All were good from food to environment, perhaps a little shortcoming might be the lights in the restaurant which was quite dim, not an ideal environment for taking pictures. Other than that in terms of service, I would comment that they were very "on-the-ball" be it checking on the taste of the food or topping up our glasses of sparkling water.

This place is recommended for a good date and for occasions be it in pairs (couples) or groups. Do remember to make a reservation before heading down.

Rating: 4 / 5

Bayswater Kitchen
Location: Marina at Keppel Bay 2 Keppel Bay Vista Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore 098382

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hup Soon Rice & Porridge

We are always passing by this stall during the night but just never have the chance to patronize their Rice and Porridge as most of the time we were either done with our dinner or have other cravings. This Hup Soon Stall seems popular among the neighbourhood as their business are non stop and queues are always there.

Hup Soon Rice & Porridge
Not only the stall owners are friendly, I find that the dishes that they prepared were one of the better few that gave a home cook taste.

Braised Pork belly with Onions
Cai Po Egg was rather ordinary and nothing to shout about. One good point to note was that it was not too greasy.

Cai Po Egg
Tak Pok with minced meat stuffing and mixed vegetables were tasty and not too salty.

Tak Pok with Minced Meat Stuffing
As for the braised cabbages, it was soft, soaked in light tasty soup.

Braised Cabbages
Mushrooms was soft and braised. The braised taste might be quite strong and traditional for some.

Braised Mushrooms
Im elated with the texture of this bowl of sweet potato porridge. It was stomach warming and it tasted so like home.

Porridge with Sweet Potato
After having their porridge, I admit I share the same sentiments as the neighborhood patrons and I will definitely join their queue the next round. The food was not only heart warming but close to our heart. Stall owners like the elderly couple was joyous and service with smile.

Our Order

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Hup Soon Rice & Porridge
Location: Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre, 3 Yung Sheng Road, #03-164 Singapore 618499

Thursday, November 23, 2017

RRR Cafe

Walking pass by a cafe that was not so prominent to my eyes with the woody looking shopfront that writes Salad, frozen yogurt and coffee. If not for my friends who wanted to check out the menu, we would not have stop over here. The facade did not tell much about the theme but as we explore further into the cafe, it was a total pleasant surprise for me.

RRR Cafe
We took sometimes to look through the menu and do the ordering. As we were not that hungry, we took only some bites and fruit chillers to quench our thirst.

Mid Berries - RM 12, Green Apple Cucumber Celery & Mint - RM 16.90, Nitro Cold Brew Juice - RM 15
The snack box we had to fill the tea breaks were pleasing. While having our coolers, we ordered this snack bowl for sharing. Sausage was juicy, accompanied by runny Onsen egg on a bed of yummy mashed potatoes with sour breads. Taste yummy and good for sharing.

Sausage Bowl - RM 16
We went up to the 2nd level of the Cafe and was felt kind of rustic walking up the wooden stairways. Best part was that the crackling sounds were produced when we took every step up.

 At the mid of the stairways
It was like an attic and the theme of the cafe was distinct. Furniture were all constructed by the owners using recycled materials such as used barrels, towel cardboard rolls, clothes hangers and even pipes.

Furniture with Recycled Materials
This would be something out of ordinary cafe that I had ever went. With recycled trolley and old kind of TV covered with chipboard.

Book Shelves
Old books were placed on the wooden shelves with vintage kitchen appliances lying around.

Shelving and Entrance
The concept is rather different from most cafe and can be Instagram worthy if you are here taking pictures. Stepping into the upper level of cafe makes me feel that I have entered a different era. Apart shielding ourselves from the scotching sun outside, the environment was calm and relaxing which makes me less bothered about the outside world. It will be good to be back once more.

Entrance of 2nd Level
Rating: 3 / 5

RRR Cafe (Roost Recycled & Repurposed)
Location: 14, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Friday, November 17, 2017

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant

Over the years I had seen Miao Yi Vegetarian Coronation Plaza but just never had the chance to dine there. Just recently, I notice that they have shifted to Cheong Chin Nam Road (Still within the Bukit Timah Vincity) and decided to gather some of our friends here since the place is rather accessible with MRT downtown line.

We were there on a weekday night and service seems on the average side. Interior was modernly furnished with air-conditioning.

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant
The Asam Fish dish gave us a good start and whit our appetite. The savoury sour taste had incited our appeite. Ingredients such as lady fingers, carrots, brinjas, Tau Ki and big pieces of mocked fish.

Asam Fish 亚参时鲜 - $12 (Small)
Caught me by surprised with the deep fried crispy exterior that reminds me of Ngoh Hiong that comes with beancurd skin. Although stuffing was fried, these mushrooms were juicy and little creamy which married well with the crackling bites.

Fried Sachet Mushrooms 晓畅温香 - $12 (Small) 
Greens were stirred fried with Samba Chili and tasted well. Not too spicy and not over oily. Leafy greens were deliciously prepared and soft.

Samba Sweet Potato Leaf 三岜番薯叶 - $10 (Small)
Tasty and pleasing to the palates. Each and every grain of the white rice was uniformly coated with olive and this small portion is good for serving up to 4 pax. I like the fact that this plate of rice was not too greasy and did not have an overpowering olive taste, thus suitable to pair with other dishes like the Asam Fish.

Assorted Olive Fried Rice 橄榄菜炒饭 - $9 (Small)
Fried beancurd were served in a plate of 6, suitable for sharing among 3 of us. Each curd was topped with mocked minced meat lavished with sweet tasting gravy sprinled with sesame and chopped celer bits.

Deep Fried Beancurd with Stuffing 八宝豆腐 - $10 (Small)

Close up of Beancurd
Overall, food was tasty and environment is rather welcoming on a weekday night base on my experience. I won't hesitate to recommend someone who is craving for vegetarian food to Miao Yi.

Rating: 3 / 5

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant Pte Ltd
Location: 21 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 599745