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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Siam Square Mookata's Thai Dishes

Mookata? No, we are not here for Mookata today and instead we are planning to try out some of the Thai Dishes instead from Siam Square Mookata Stall.

One of my favourite to order for Thai dishes. The minced pork was tastefully seasoned with fish sauce, lime juice, chilli flakes and together with the herbs, the dish was flavorful. Not only does it goes well with just plain rice, the dish makes it suitable for sharing among ourselves on top of the noodles dishes we had individually.

Pork Salad - $4

Comes with a choice of chicken or Seafood, we had the latter at $6 while the former was priced at $5. Phad Thai Noodle was delicious and I like the way the dish was executed with great fragrance from the fried egg. 

Phad Thai Fried Noodle - $6 (Seafood)

To be honest, the main reason that I come here is for their boat noodles after being tempted by my friend. Surprisingly, Boat Noodle soup was flavorful and it totally whet my appetite for more. You can let the Thai cook know your preference type of noodles upon ordering.

Boat Noodle - $5

We had the glass noodle by default. The bowl of Thai Boat Noodles come with pork balls, lean pork, pork liver, beansprouts and generously garnished with pork lard, fried onions and spring onions. For the price that we are paying, I would say $5 is well spent. On a side note, Boat Noodles are only available at certain times in the day.

Boat Noodlle

Overall, the Thai Dishes did not disappoint and my colleagues do agree so. I dare to say that their standard are on par or even better than some of the Thai Restaurants selling similar dishes even though these dishes are from a stall in Kopitiam. 

Rating: 4 / 5

Siam Square Mookata
Location: 450 Clementi Ave 3 #01-271 Singapore 120450
Operating Hours: 11am to 8pm Daily Except Thursday

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Bowen's Pasta | Mains | Brunch

I came across Bowen's while we were heading to the nearby community center. Interestingly, I never know that there is another western food place hidden under the HDB blocks in the vicinity. Instead of going to our usual Western Food place nearby, we came here instead. 

Bowen's Pasta | Mains | Brunch

Sides and chips were served first for our sharing while waiting for our mains. Quality of corns is acceptable and tasty with the coat of corn.

Buttered Corns - $3 & Onion Rings - $4

Wild mushroom soup was drizzled with oil and served with Garlic toast, reasonably priced at $4. However if you have a main course, you can complete your set with this at $3.50 only.
Glad that the soup content was just nice, not too thick nor watery. It's also classified as a Kid's winner dish.

Wild Mushroom Soup - $4

Relatively reasonable price for a plate of presentable Breaded Fish & Chips, tuck with fries and Mesclun green drizzled with vinaigrette. Tartar sauce and lemon wedge is tuck by the side for patrons to enhance the Fish & Chips taste.

Pairing my main with their Signature Fresh turmeric honey and while I expect the taste to be bitter and hard for me to take, it turned out to be the opposite. As we know turmeric powder has detoxing effects on the body and together with honey, this drink has kind of give us energy in its refreshing taste. 

Breaded Fish & Chips - $8.90(Left)
Bowen's signature Fresh turmeric honey - $3.80

Medium done Rieye Steak was good for it price. It was paired with thick cut fries and Mesclun salad. The cut was juicy and yummy, especially when it goes so well with my favourite red wine sauce.

Bowen's Signature Angus Prime Ribeye Steak - $20.50

All in all, food was relatively reasonable price and portion was welcoming. As I read its article pasted on their wall, I came to realize that Bowen's had actually shifted from one of the coffee shops in Jurong West to Pandan Gardens. No wonder I find that its name sounds somehow familar.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Bowen's Pasta | Mains | Brunch
Location: 415 Pandan Garden #01-119 Singapore 600415 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sushi to Your Doorsteps

I love the idea of enjoying fresh Sushi food without stepping out of the house and in times like this where going out can be of health concern, such service has come in handy. With just a few clicks away, we learnt that there are few choices of best online Sushi Delivery available in Singapore.

For more information about best online Sushi Delivery in Singapore, you can visit

With the article indicating top 5 sushi delivery in Singapore, we had our orders from which was first in the list.

What's for Dinner?

Skillfully fried to beautiful perfection, these pieces of Yam were well cradled by its crispy exterior. Best to consume it warm to enjoy its spongy yam texture.

Yam Net Sponge Roll (5 Pcs) - $5.90

Pretty enjoy this chilled bowl of crab stick salad. The salad was generously filled with tobiko (roe) topping, strips from crab stick mixed with cherry tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums, dressed in Goma (Sesame) seed & sauce.

Kani Salad
Kani Salad - $8.30

Kappa Maki is one of the popular maki rolls when it comes to Maki. Crunchy and refreshing Japanese cucumber were neatly wrapped up by sushi rice and Nori (Seaweed). The roll is ideal for Vegetarian too.

Kappa Maki - $3.90 (One Roll)

Appetizers like Chuka Kurage came chilled. However, the downside may be a little salty for my liking.

Chuka Kurage
Chuka Kurage

Can't take my eyes away from these lovely Shrimp Croutons. They were nicely fried to its orange brown color and their size was just nice for bites.

Shrimp Crouton
Shrimp Crouton (5pcs) - $4.90

These ball shape Japan street food has always been my comfort food. Takoyaki balls were generously filled with octopus, slathered in its savory, tangy sauce topped with a handful of bonito flakes

Tako Yaki (5Pcs) - $4.90

The bright orange serving of tobiko on the Califonia Maki is a center attraction among the orders.
Besides having sushi rice and nori wrapping up the refreshing crunchy Japanese cucumber, Japanese mayonnaise has lifted up the roll together with other ingredients like sweet Tamago & crab sticks.

Califonia Maki
Califonia Maki (8 Pcs) - $10.90

Delivered as promised within an hour, I had received my Bento Set in its warm condition. The bento box comprises of Japanese pickles, Chuka Wakame, sushi rice topped with furikake and not forgetting the deeply fried tender chicken karaage.

Chicken Karaage Set Bento
Chicken Karaage Set Bento - $14
Impressed by their customer orientated service and delivery model where temperature of food are served as though we are dining in, I will recommend this service to anyone who wants to have their Sushi cravings fixed within a short period time-frame. Furthermore, there is no minimum order for delivery, however to enjoy free delivery, orders made have to be above $60.

After having tried out their service, as a consumer, I'm kind of assure that my food items will come fresh and I definitely don't mind ordering Sashimi from them.On top of that, in any chance that the fish delivered were not fresh, they will replace it for free.

During this period, to assure consumers' concerns on safety, their drivers and staff are screened daily for health, and have a strict declarations on their whereabouts. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Pristine Farms Bird Nest

The idea of having Freshly Cooked Bird Nest delivered to your house was introduced to me recently. 
I find that such business approach has fitted us well especially in our busy lifestyle. 

Pristine Farms' Freshly cooked Bird Nest ensures that cooking is done on the day of delivery, following ISO2200:2005 and HACCP international food safety standards.

Besides selling original Bird Nest, there are ranges of flavors/toppings available in bottles like 

(1) American Ginseng
(2) Chia Seeds
(3) Goji Berry
(4) Pandan
(5) Red Dates
(6) Rose Water

Pristine Farms has extended its service from their website to online shopping platforms like Qoo10, Shoppe and Lazada.

Ensuring that customers enjoy the freshly cooked Bird Nest, orders were served warm to their doorsteps wrapped in the insulted bag. Service is prompt which makes the delivery arrangement a breeze.

Packaging of Bird Nest

Pandan and Rose Water sparked my interest as I thought it was something rare out in the market. The packaging was simple and presentable. A light fragrance was released as soon as I twisted the cap for both flavors. 

Pandan & Rose Water Bird Nest 

For pandan, the real pandan leaves are used in the process. I find that the bottles of bird nest are of quality without being diluted. The sugar level was not too sweet and it definitely fits my tastebuds.

Close up of Pandan Bird Nest

Considering the amount of bird nest in a bottle, the experience was satisfying and the thickness of the drink was commendable.

Pandan Leave

To be honest, with such standards of the bird nest servings, they are at least on par if not better to the more popular brands in market.

Bird Nest & Pandan Leaves

On top of that, this is a product of Singapore and yes, we should support local.

They offer a subscription service where one can receive bowls of birdnest warm to the doorstep twice weekly. 

We all know that bird nest is nourishing and has a lot of health benefits. With such service in place, it brings us convenience, wouldn't it be nice as a perfect gift especially to someone you care about?

Do take a look at Pristine Farms website for more information on their products.

Paper Bag and Rose Flavour

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

How to make coleslaw

Have tried making coleslaw many years back through a lesson and lately i have revisited this recipe amidst of the Circuit Breaker (CB) period. This period has given me spare time to do things I have yet to accomplished. Yeah, I'm still figuring out how on editing videos as this is my first video after so many years.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Shake Shack

Finally its my chance to visit Shake Shack, not at Changi Jewel but at their new location, Neil Road.
Shake Shack is housed in the iconic and historic building which has an elegant design

Shake Shack at Neil Road
We came to this outlet as we were nearby and there was no queue too. Many times when we pass by Shake Shack in Changi Jewel, its always filled with snaky queue thus we never have the chance to dine there.

Queue at Shake Shack?
The station by the side allows patrons to self help with plain water as well as tomato and mustard sauce.

Self Service Station
Ordering was a bliss as menu was clear and concise with friendly counter staff helping us out on our choices as a first timer. We order desserts, burgers and side. The burger was smaller than my palm size and the price to dine for 2 was not cheap. Are they really worth the price that one is paying for? Let's read on.

Meal for 2 for a damage at $44.70 
Oh Yes! I love crinkled-cut fries. Surprisingly, these fries were quite soft and quite different from the ones I had. Cheese sauce was light and not thick, generously spread on top of the fries. Its addictive and good for sharing though.

Cheese Fries - $5.90
Potato buns were pillowy light, fluffy and buttery. Prized for its great taste and juicy flavours, this freshly ground 100% Angus beef has no added hormones and antibiotics.The patty had a good texture, cooked evenly with a brown sear at the side. It was a good choice for a first timer like me for cheese burger with lettuce and tomato added with their in house Shack Sauce which I find it very welcoming.  However, if you can't get enough of this portion, you can upgrade it to double at $12.70.

Shack Burger - $9.20 (Single)
This is a combination of Shack Burger and Shroom Burger. The Crispy Fried Portobello Mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese was yummy! Besides that, the burger was topped with lettuce tomato and Shack sauce on top of the juicy Signature Angus Beef Patty.

Shack Stack - $14.30
Pandan Shake is only exclusive to Singapore. If you love Pandan taste, you will love this. It is made up of frozen vanilla custard blended with Pandan and coconut, topped with Gula Melaka crumbles. Shake is thick with smooth consistency and the crumbles adding a texture to the drink. As an overall, the drink reminds me of the traditional "Ondeh Ondeh" cake.

Pandan Shake - $7.80
The Shack Attack $7.50 consist of frozen custard blended with mix-ins. Personally, I find that this mixture was chocolaty as it contains chocolate custard blended with plain vanilla brownie, Shack fudge sauce, Lemuel chocolate chunks and chocolate sprinkles. Having bought this, 5% of sales from Shack Attack support Very Special Arts Singapore, a non-profit providing opportunities for the disabled through arts.

Our Meal
Though the price may be steep, I guessed it all sums up to the quality and premium food selection where they pledged it contains no hormones or antibiotics on the Angus Beef.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Shake Shack
Location: 89 Neil Road #01-01, Singapore 088849

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Piao Ji Porridge

Noted as one of the best and recommended fish soup stall in Singapore, it is not surprising that you will find such a long queue at Piao Ji Fish Porridge stall on a Sunday even though more than 90% of the stalls there are not in operation on a Public Holiday.

Stall of Piao Ji
We waited in queue for about half an hour for our orders. Having ordered the Fish and Prawn Medium portion of the fish soup with rice, we felt that it's well worth it.

Fish & Prawn - $12 (Medium)
The generous amount of fish slices were fresh and likewise for the big prawns.

Big Prawns
Fish slices were well marinated and firm. The soup was light and delectable added with Tung O for the vegetable portion instead of lettuce.

Fish Slices
While many may expect that these fish shop that contains fish slices are boneless. I beg to differ as the fish soup may contain more than just fish slices.

Fish Soup - $7 (Small)
The dipping sauce went well with the slices of fish. It was made up of not only soy sauce and bird-eye chili but also ginger strips as well as fermented bean sauce. Patrons get to enjoy a traditional feel with the used wooden chopsticks to pick the fish pieces.

Personally, I love the mixture of sauce as it gave a fiery kick among the soury taste.

While some may think that $7 for a basic bowl of Fish Soup may be expensive in a Hawker Center, I felt that for the quality and quantity, the price paid for was reasonable. Moreover, the fish slices cut were not too slim.

Our Meal with Rice at $0.50 Per Bowl

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Piao Ji Porridge
Location: Amoy Street Food Center , 7 Maxwell Road #02-100 Singapore 069111