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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Kin Hoi (Original) Famous Thai Food

With so many Restaurants serving Thai Food in Singapore, what make Kin Hoi stands out from others its that they are offering Thai dishes of original Taste and have interesting items in the menu. While Direct Translation from the name "Kin Hoi", it means "Eat Shellfish".

Kin Hoi

The Thai Grilled Pork Neck is a popular street food dish in Thailand known for its juicy and flavourful profile. It is tender and juicy in nature, well marinated in a mixture of Thai Spices and sauces before being grilled. The charred and smoky exterior added depth to the dish. The charred exteior contrasts beautifully with the tender interior of the pork. 

Thai Grilled Pork Neck - $15

Their House Special Vermicelli Claypot with Crayfish was cooked with their own authentic secret blend of traditional herbs and spices paired with the yummy deep sea indo-pacific crayfish.

Noodles with Crayfish - $18

Not a common dish on a Thai Menu, this 150g of awesome goodness was flame-grilled to medium rare, a total addiction to us that we repeated the order.

Kin Hoi's Original Melting Beef - $12 (170 - 200g)

We seldom had this in Singapore as not many places offer this dish. This 500g of Juicy Full Shelled Cockles was paired with Kin Hoi's Signature Chilli Sauce. Very addictive indeed.

Cockles - $15

A delightful fusion of flavours and textures. The sweetness of crabmeat would complement the savoury taste of the fluffy egg omelette with slight crisp. The tender and plump crabmeat provide a contrast in the texture, adding chewiness to each bite. The dish taste good on its own even without pairing with a bowl of white rice.

Thai Fluffy Crabmeat Omelette - $16.80

Enjoy Thai Food with a good spread from Kin Hoi. Fan of cockles or gong gong will be happier too to have these items on their menu too.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Kin Hoi (Original) Famous Thai Food
6 Holland Close, #01-36 Singapore 271006

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