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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Cheng Ji

An impromptu dinner had landed us in Adam Road Food Centre. While walking around, we had finally decided to try Cheng Ji’s dishes. I was rather impressed by the One-Lady Show whipping up a variety dishes from the menu. 

Stall of Cheng Ji

 It excites me when I hear about Pork Leg Bee Hoon. The plate of Bee Hoon was fried to order. It was flavourful and was densed. It was good however I find it too moist for my liking.

Pork Leg Bee Hoon - $6

The braised pork leg was tender and soft. It disintegrates with the slightest force. As a whole, the pork leg Bee Hoon is still homey and comforting.

Braised Pork Leg

A basic plate of Fried Hokken Mee without being too exaggerating with overpower prawn stock or even heady smell. There was not much Wok Hei for a start but the ingredients like egg had given a sweet taste to the dish and the fried shallot oil had enhanced the fragrant of the dish. Despite a small portion, the stall is generous enough to give 3 prawns.

Fried Hokkien Mee - $5

Overall, the plate of Hokkien Mee was decent but not to die for. If you are not expecting much from a plate of Hokkien Mee, this will be good to fill your stomach.

Hokkien Mee

Rating: 3 / 5

Cheng Ji (成记)
Adam Road Food Center, 2 Adam Rd, #01-24, Singapore 289877

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