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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Woodlands Claypot Prawns

With increasing eateries hidden in Industrial areas, do check out this first and ever Charcoal Claypot Prawn in Woodlands Industrial Kopitiam. With just 2 items in the menu, namley Hokkien Mee and Claypot Prawns. 

Woodlands Claypot Prawn

The Claypot Prawns adopt the concept of a hotpot concept where we can order ingredients like meat, vegetables, seafood to complement the meal. 

Claypot and Steamboat Concept

Using the Claypot Method, this allows to keep the broth warm and claypot cooking is known to produce a better taste than normal pots cooking. Alot of effort has been put into preparation of the prawn broth,  simmering under the fire for hours in bringing out the natural flavours of the prawns. The speciality prawn broth (the base) costs $32.80.

Claypot Prawns

For prawns love who cannot get enough of prawns from the claypot prawns, you can topped up 500g of  prawns at additional $15.80 while the rest of the steamboat ingredient can be ordered via their menu with indicated pricing too.

Prawns - $15.80 (500g)

The Staff is attentive and if your charcoal fire is about to die off, they will get the helpers to replace it immediately. The prawn broth is also refillable too.

Refilling Prawn Broth

Here's our prawns

While at their condiments corner, they have a good variety of sauces. There are Black Pepper Sauce, Japanese Sesame Dressing, Homemade Chilli Sauce, Hot Chicken Korean Sauce, Raw Garlic and Coriander. Utensils and cutlery can be taken from this corner too.

Disposable gloves are provided if you need them too.

Speciality prawn broth - $32.80

The Speciality Prawn Broth comes generously with 12 big fresh prawns. The broth tasted robust and umami, packed of prawns natural flavours,.


The meat was bouncy and succulent. The broth was naturally sweet and we started off adding others ordered ingredients in it.

Ingredients added in Claypot

Ingredients like Fish Roe Fortune Bag is one of my favourites too.

Fish Roe Fortune Bag - $10.80

Giving the classic Hokkien Mee a twist, they added a raw egg on top of the noodles, inspired by the flavours of Moonlight Hor Fun. It was served with yellow mee as well as thick bee hoon. Generous pork lards, Sotong, pork belly and 2 large prawns were used. Remember to mix them with their special recipe homemade chilli sauce.

Hokkien Mee 福建面 - $8.80

The place was airy with big ass fans install in the industrial kopitiam and free parking. 

Thank you Woodlands Claypot Prawns for the invitation.

Woodlands Claypot Prawns
10 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 1 #01-01 Stall no 7, Singapore 739276

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