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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Shun Heng BBQ (Bukit Batok)

We had tried Shun Heng BBQ Jurong West a few times and we all agree that their BBQ food is above-average fare. We chanced upon Bukit Batok's coffee shop and was excited to see their outlet here, so we decided to have a meal there.

The Sambal Petai was loaded with fried anchovies together with cut onions. This combination of bold flavours and texture makes the dish a memorable one. I love the distinct aroma of the petai and the robust flavours of this dish.

Sambal Petai

The Sambal Sotong was served on hot plate and was cooked to a tender consistency and its slightly chewy texture had complemented the thick and flavourful sambal sauce. Its a perfect blend of flavours, textures and spices. Yummy!

Sambal Sotong

The Sambal together with the use of fresh clams had a well-balanced flavour. Besides having just sambal chilli, onions and seafood like any other BBQ dish, its loaded with curry leaves that lift this dish up to another level in flavour.

Sambal Lala - $11

Keeping a good balanced meal, its always said to include some greens in our meal.  That's why we had garlic Kailan. It was savoury in its sauce and was crunchy too.

Garlic Kailan - $8

Crayfish is one of my favourite seafood. It's quite rare that we ordered this in Singapore as the price is often on the high side and we always felt that pocket would burn a hole after this. However, since we had the cravings for it, we will mend the hole after this. 

The meat is springy even after barbecued and the sambal chilli had elevated the natural seafood sweetness of the crayfish.

Cray Fish - $24

We ordered another item that we would normally skip from a BBQ Stall. The fish was generously spread with a layer of sambal chilli with a lime by the side.

Fish - $24

Surprisingly the meat was not dry and was taste was above my expectations.


While their service was fast and friendly, it gave us more reason to be back there again.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Shun Heng BBQ
 217 Bukit Batok Street 21, #01-365 Block 217, Singapore 650217

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