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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Meshiya 饭屋

 We visited the coffeeshop looking for Chicken Rice stall but the stall was no longer there and we had decided to go for a Japanese Meal for the menu was pretty enticing with a variety for us to choose from.


I ordered the Unagi Salmon Don hoping to get a variety on my bowl but was kind of disappointed to see a few small pieces of Salmon on my bowl. Nonetheless the overall presentation was pretty with colors from lettuce, corn kernels and cherry tomatoes. The sauce was enough for the rice. Overall, consider ok. 

Una Salmon Don - $11.20

A comforting and classic Japanese dish that translate as "parent and child bowl" that comprise of the sweet savoury soy-based broth served over a bed of rice. The dish's simplicity is often a charm to me. The chicken was tender and amount of meat to egg was adequate. For taste wise, I would prefer to have a stronger or "heavier" taste in the condiments used.

Oyako Don - $6

I agree that the meal portion is minimal for some choices in terms of the pricing. Overall, its an average fare.

Rating: 3 / 5

Meshiya 饭屋
Location: 658 Punggol E, Singapore 820658

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