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Monday, January 8, 2024

Roast Paradise

The last visit to Old Air Port Road Hawker Center had left me a deep impression for I saw steaming hot air rising up fiercely from the stall Roast Paradise with a sudden aroma into the air of the hawker center. Well, they were busy preparing for their operations which left my appetite hanging there as they were still not yet opened for the day. 

While I had kept them in my "To Eat" list for quite sometime, I'm quite happy they have a stall in the West now. They had relocated from New Upper Changi Road (Bedok) after facing some rising cost challenges.

Roast Paradise in Jurong

While their location may have changed, they are still committed in delivering quality meals to the patrons. 

Let's Try It

Let's dive into the platter of meats and the carbs to pair along. We choose to have a bowl of Hakka Noodle and a bowl rice. 

Roast Duck, Noodles and Rice 

If you prefer Noodles to rice, do try out their bowl of Hakka Mee that is topped with seasoned minced meat with cucumber slices, coriander and a dallop of chilli paste. 

Hakka Mee 客家面 - $3.50

The glistering skin and crispy skin gave us a promising crunch. The deep golden brown hue and the texture speaks volume that they have given meticulous care and attention to the cooking process. While some places had their roast duck being so tough on the bite, Roast Paradise had it well executed.  It worth noting that achieving the perfect roast duck require skill, patience and attention to detail. 

The Roast Duck was not only juicy but also boast a rich and distinctive smokey flavour. While the meat often carries a subtle gaminess, I'm glad that it did not exist here at all. This bite of roast duck sure leave you a lasting impression.

Roast Herbal Duck 药材烧鸭拼盘

How about ordering the Char Siew & Roast Pork Platter?

Char Siew Platter (200g) & Roast Pork (200g)  叉烧烧肉拼盘 - $12 Each 

Delicious crispy skin complemented by a fatty layer and tender meat. Dab the Roast Pork into the given mustard sauce to elevate its taste. We also love the texture as well as the taste.

Roast Pork

The Premium Pork Meat is definitely worth the mention. With a thin crispy top caramelised layer and a melt in your mouth fats meat and tender pork. Likewise for the Char Siew, it had a right balance of smokiness and sweetness. 

Premium Char Siew

With its stall nearer to us now, its a perfect reason to head to Roast Paradise in Jurong East to fix the craving of Roast Delights.

Thank you Roast Paradise for having us.

Roast Paradise
132 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 600132

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