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Monday, December 11, 2023

Tuck Kee Son 德记仔 (Yishun) [Media Invite]

Tuck Kee Son has recently moved their stall from Jalan Bukit Merah to Yishun Get Together Coffeeshop 欢聚一堂. They are also expanding their regular noodles selections to Seafood, Meat and veggie delights!

Stall of Tuck Kee Son

Cze Char

"Yu Kong Hor" or better known as Moonlight Hor Fun is one of the recommended dishes from Tuck Kee Son. It got its name partly due to the raw egg that was cracked over the hot noodles, creating a silky and rich texture when mixed. The plate of Hor Fun was sweet and savoury packed with smoky tastes with hints of “Wok Hei”. Pork slices, powdered intestines and vegetables together with pork lard cubes enhanced the taste of the bland noodles taste.

On a side note, their Hor Fun is imported from Ipoh has they are more silky in texture and contain more rice flour.

Yu Kong Hor 月光河 - $6.30 / $9.30

The pal who had eaten Tuck Kee Son's Hokkien Fried Bee Hoon in their Bukit Merah Outlet was singing praises about this. The crackling fresh lard was hard to skip. The plate was well fried with some parts turned crispy for the Bee Hoon, cradling the aromatic "Wok Hei" flavours. Vegetables, prawns and lean meat were part of the dish's ingredients.

Hokkien Fried Bee Hoon 福建炒米粉 - $5.80 / $8.80

The dish “Dai Loke Mee” is a popular Malaysian dish. The thick noodles were cooked in sweet dark soy sauce coupled with vegetables, pork lards, and pork slices.

Dai Loke Mee 大碌面 - $5.80 / $8.80

Steamed Fish tasted best and fresh in the tangy sweet sourish Assam style. 

Ipoh Steamed Tilapia 怡宝蒸山水金凤 

A less often dish that we will see from the Cze Char Menu but Tuck Kee Son has it all! This light and protein-packed meal tasted best with egg yolk and vinegar. 

Crab Meat Stir Fry Egg Whites 蟹肉赛螃蟹 - $20 / 30 /40

These prawn balls were coated in its crispy batter and deep fried. Combining these succulent prawn balls with the strong pungent & spicy Japanese Dressing creates a unique flavour to the dish. Black Sesame was sprinkled on the prawns too, giving it a better presentation.

Wasabi Shrimp Ball 芥末虾球 - $20/30/40

The Big Prawn Hor Fun had kind of impressed me. The generous servings of large battered prawns and the savoury and luscious gravy of the yummy Hor Fun were the best combination. What an indulgence I thought with fragrant pork lards and egg yolk too.

Big Prawn Hor Fun 大虾河粉皇 - $9.80 / $13.80

The chicken was deep-fried and well-coated in its sauce. 

General Tso's Chicken 左宗棠鸡 - $16 / 25 / 32

Sweet Savoury Sauce uniformly coated the pork ribs and the dish was topped with sesame seeds.

Dang Gui "Zhe Jiang" Pork Ribs 当归浙江排骨 - $16 / 25 /32

The Golden Pumpkin sauce was savoury and creamy topping to the fresh crustaceans. They added a tad of saltiness to the natural sweetness of the crab meat.

Alaska King Crab Pumpkin Superior Stock 阿拉斯加帝王蟹配金瓜上汤 - $48

The chilli sauce with Alaksa Crab was "da bomb". The Sauce strikes a very good balance between savoury sweetness and spiciness. The smooth and delicious sauce was to died for. Comparing the Pumpkin Sauce and this. I would definitely prefer this.

Alaska King Crab Chili Sauce 阿拉斯加帝王蟹配辣椒酱 - $48

Tuck Kee Son offers a good spread of Cze Char, different from the mainstream of our local coffeeshop Cze Char as they offer interesting Malaysian dishes.

Our Dinner

Missing some Ipoh dishes? Why not try out their sample dishes.

Tuck Kee Son 德记仔 (Yishun)
470B Yishun Street 42 #01-335, Singapore 760470

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