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Friday, December 15, 2023

JiaYangDi 家羊地 [Media Invite]

Jia Yang Di is located at Newest, just beside the West Coast highway. They are known for the best choice for Chuan Chuan in the Clementi Area, if not in the West. They used a unique marination of the skewers and adopted the traditional method of charcoal fire grilling which aims to capture Chuan Chuan Lovers in the Western Side of Singapore.


They have been operating for a year and a half, attracting foodies and those who love to gather for great food and drinks in a cosy and fun environment.

Dining Interior

While the wet weather did not permit us to have the Alfresco Area, we had no choice but to get ourselves seated in the restaurant. The environment was not too bad, not smokey at all and was beautifully lighted up. What's more, look at the stickers plastered on the walls, they looked funky and interesting.

Comfortable Sitting Area

While we think that JiaYangDi is located in an inconspicuous area, we were a quick surprise to see a constant flow of customers strolling in for skewers. Not to mention the consistent beeping of food delivery orders from their ordering machines.

Wall Mural

JiaYangDi offers a wide range of Skewers served over a griller to keep your food hot thus we do not need to worry about dining in a cold air-conditioned environment. 

There are 3 set meals on their menu which offer different permutations of skewers. Besides the quintessential cumin seasoning for the skewers, there are 2 other options available, Sweet Korean and Spicy Asia.

Set A, B or C?

Set A comprises of :

6 x Pork Belly Skewers, 
6 x Bacon Enoki Skewers, 
4 x Tiger Prawn Skewers, 
4 x French Bean Skewers, 
4 x Tofu Beancurd Skewers

Set A - Pork Belly + Bacon Enoki + Tiger Prawn 五花肉 + 培根金针菇 + 老虎虾套餐 - $39.90

Set B comprises of :

6 x Beef Skewers, 
6 x Chicken Skewers, 
3 x Chicken Mid-Wing Skewers, 
4 x Oyster Mushroom Skewers, 
4 x Brocolli Skewers

Set B - Beef + Chicken + Chicken Mid-Wing Set 牛肉串 + 鸡肉串 + 鸡中翅套餐 - $39.90

Set C comprises of :

6 x Lamb Skewers, 6 x Chicken Skewers, 6 x Bacon Scallion Skewers, 4 x French Bean Skewers, 3 x Lady Finger Skewers

Set C - Lamb + Chicken + Bacon Scallion Set 羊肉串 + 鸡肉串 + 培根葱 套餐 - $39.90

While enjoying the skewers, I do enjoy looking at the individual sticks too with JYD-crafted on them.
Sticks with JYD

Clicking into their Online Menu under Tin Foil Specialities, we were served with Enoki Mushroom with Garlic. It was soup-based and perfect for the rainy weather with garlic perking up the dish. 

Enoki Mushroom with Garlic 锡纸烤蒜蓉金针菇 - $7

Besides the Garlic Egg Plant, there is also an option for the Minced Pork Sauce Egg Plant.

Garlic Egg Plant 锡纸烤全茄 - $8

Looking into their mains, we had their fried rice with luncheon meat. Every grain was evenly coated and shone itself. Ingredients were garlic, luncheon meat, eggs etc. The fried rice was ordinary to me. 

Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat 午餐肉炒饭 - $8

Inheriting a recipe from a Chef straight from Sze Chuan, China, their top-selling Cha Jiang Noodle and Braised beef noodles are a definite must-try! 

Top Selling Noodles

We craved hot main dishes like this. The dish is known for its rich and flavourful sauce accompanied by strands of smooth textural noodles. Simply loves the diced pork paired with mushrooms, cucumber and spring onions.

Jajiang Noodle 炸酱面 - $8

Perhaps its tailored to our local tastebuds, the beef noodles soup was not too spicy. We enjoyed the braised tender beef cubes with vegetables and coriander. 

Sichuan Beef Noodle Soup 四川牛肉面汤 - $9

Under the Seafood Category in their Menu, you may want to try out their Garlic Scallops. Each scallop is tender and well garnished with minced garlic and adorned with spring onion and cut chilli.

Garlic Scallops 烤蒜蓉扇贝 - $4.50

I can't agree more with the online comments that the owner is very friendly and hospitable. Overall, in terms of the ambience and food, it is all worth the trip there. For Chuan Chuan lovers, this is a rare gem in the West!

Thank You Lao Niang Agency and JYD for the invitation.

Jiayangdi 家羊地 - Bbq/烧烤
 1 West Coast Dr, #01-97 NEWest, Singapore 128020

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