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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Fish Noodle

 An impromptu meet-up for grocery shopping at the huge super market nearby and we ended ourselves with a quick fix meal in Koufu Food Court with bowls of Chinese Noodle from the Stall of Fish Noodle.

Fish Noodle

The stall name was quite misleading till the extent that I had mistaken that the noodles were made from fish. Nonetheless, we went ahead to order our preferred options from their menu.

What would you like to have?

For the safest choice, we went ahead with a bowl of Orignal Broth base, their Signature Fat Beef Fish Noodles. Every serving of noodles was big and stomach-filling. The original soup base was non-spicy as well, packed full of flavours with thin slices of Beef. Ingredients include lettuce and  Fried Chick Pea was added. 

Signature Fat Beef Fish Noodle + Braised Intesstines - $8.50 + $4

Topping up the bowl of noodles with their Braised Fat Intestine at an additional $4. As it described, the intestines were fat and braised. It did not carry any gamey taste.

Braised Fat Intestine

Another non-spicy option would be the Tomato Broth Base. We had The Tomato Fat Beef Fish Noodles. The broth was tangy and on a sweet side. Most importantly, its flavourful and addictive.

Tomato Fat Beef Fish Noodles - $8.50

Every bowl of noodles comprised a mixture of 3 types of noodles comprising Black noodles, White Noodle and Corn Noodles as indicated on their signage. 


Those who can take spiciness can go for their Golden Soup which is of little spiciness or their sour & spicy soup with 1 level chilli as the indicator of the spicy level. If you are more adventurous, you can try their mala soup base illustrated by 2 chilli on the menu.

Golden Soup Meat Ball Fish Noodle - $6.50

All in all, there are 5 types of soup bases:

(1) Signature / Original
(2) Tomato
(3) Golden Soup 
(4) Sour & Spicy🌶️
(5) Mala 🌶️🌶️

with Permutations of 

(1) Luncheon Meat
(2) Meat Ball
(4) Sliced Fish
(5) Dory Fish
(6) Fat Beef
(7) Beef Shank
(8) Prawn Paste

However, if you do not prefer noodles dishes, they have rice dishes with soup for single as well as double set meals. 

Sour & Spicy Fat Beef Fish Noodle - $8.50

We also ordered their crispy pork as a side dish to share among ourselves. The deep-fried pieces of pork are deep fried to its golden brown colour and then sprinkled with chilli powder.

Crispy Pork - $6

The bowl of noodles soup is stomach-filling and comforting. I would not mind going back again for more.

Rating: 3 / 5

Fish Noodle @ Koufu
88 Tanglin Halt Road #01-08 Singapore 141088
Nearest Station: Commonwealth (EW20)

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