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Friday, November 3, 2023

Fook Kin

Fook Kin collaborates with The Muttons  (Class 95 FM DJs), Fat Boys and Roast Paradise. While this joint is famous for their roast meats.

Their interior is nostalgic and will take you back in time. with the metal grated folding gates, hanging birdcage lightings, old school floor tiles and cement walls.

Fook Kin

It can never go wrong ordering their Char Siew and Roasted Pork at Fook Kin. I must agree that they are Fook Kin awesome! The cuts of both types of meat were uniform and has a good ratio of fats to lean meat. 

The Char Siew was shining and alluring. It has a good caramelised coating together with its slightly charred edges, bringing out the 

Mix Platter (Med 300g) - $30

The Mee Pok is simple but worthy of attention. The pale looking bowl of Mee Pok may appeal to be lacklustre but tossing together in its seasonings and marinated minced meat, it was surprisingly delicious. Not forgetting the pork lard and cucumber that gave the crunchy texture to our bowl.

Mince Meat Mee Pok - $3

The Caramelised Char Siew was sweeter than what we usually had from the roast meat stall. The Charcoal flavour meat was juicy and succulent. It strikes a good balance between the sweet savoury and smoky flavours. 

Sweet Savoury Char Siew

Look at these thick cuts of pork belly. The crispy skin that crackles in our mouths was the bomb! Dipped them into the chilli for additional flavour.

Crackling Pork Belly

Packed with Truffle Fragrance, the bowl of Truffle Wanton Mee comprised of 3 fried wantons, a few stalks of greens and of course the glistering gold-dusted Char Siew. Their springy noodles were tossed with seasonings and truffle oil.

Truffle Wanton Mee - $13.80

Charcoal Roast Duck was decadent with the semi-sweet herbal sauce without being too overwhelming. The roast duck was surprisingly good with the herbal notes and was not gamey. It was juicy!

Charcoal Roast Duck 1/4 Lower - $22

Their Siew Mai is nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps if you may want to focus more on their core food than these dim sums.

Shrimp & Chicken Siew Mai - $4.80

Their BBQ Pork Bun has the conventional Char Siew instead. It tasted quite ordinary to me and on a sweeter side.

BBQ Pork Bun (2 PCs) - $4.80

While at the payment counter, Yes! We made a payment that's why they said they Fook Kin Love Us.

Payment Counter

They offer patrons for free beverages in exchange Instagram posts and we got ours. The service was great with servers being attentive and jovial. You can really feel the passion.

Overall, if you are into Roasted Meat and have a little more to splurge, Fook Kin can be of consideration.

Free Drinks

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Fook Kin
111 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239553

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