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Saturday, September 9, 2023

You Fa Duck Rice Kway Chap

If you heard about and visited the popular Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Stall in Dover Crescent, you might have noticed this Braised Duck stall located right at the corner of the coffee shop next to the convenience store.

Kway Chap for 2 with Braised Duck

The innards were well-handled and braised. We have braised pork belly, skin, intestines, eggs, Tau Gua and topping the dish up with Braised Duck. 

Ingredients for our Kway

Braised Duck

We ordered the Braised Duck Rice Set that comes with peanuts, braised egg and Tau Gua as sides. The braised duck rice was good with its savoury gravy. 

Duck Rice Set - $4.50

The soup has hints of herbal taste which was to our liking and the braised duck was moderately tender.

Braised Duck

Overall, though Fa Braised Duck may be just a humble stall at that corner of the coffee shop, I would say that their standard of braised duck definitely tastes above average. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

You Fa Braised Duck Kway Chap
19A Dover Cres, Singapore 131019

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