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Friday, September 1, 2023

Tokyo Soba

 Tokyo Soba is an eatery that originated in the capital of Japan and is known for serving fresh soba.

Tokyo Soba

The eatery is small and may have limited seating, especially during the lunch hours rush for it is located in CBD area. 


Near to the kitchen

We ordered the Seasonal Menu item and it was something new to me with bittermelon and corn kakiage decked up by a bottom layer of pork.

Pork, Bittermelon & Corn Kakiage Soba - $16.50 

Initially, I did not read in detail about the mixture of the kakiage till I tasted something bitter I took a look into the ingredients. It was my first time to have bittermelon from a Japanese Cuisine. 

Have you tried this before?

The buckwheat noodles are of consistent texture with quality. The soup has an umami taste from ingredients like kelp (kombu) and simmering bonito flakes. The combination of soup and noodles was already good enough for me without additional sides. On a side note, there are no MSG involved in their food.


The braised Nishin with Japanese sweet sauce tasted somewhat familiar to sardine to me. Anyway, the classification of fish belongs to the same type. We added the dish with sides like  Watercrest Tempura (Kureson Ten) at $3 and Prawn Tempura (Ebi-Ten) at $6. To my surprise, Watercrest tasted so different and did not have the usual strong taste that I had expected. Prawn Tempura on the other hand was pretty ordinary. Their prawn size may vary due to season. Sometimes they do serve 3 pcs for smaller prawn size instead of 2 big pieces.

Herring Soba (Nishin Soba) - $16

We ordered the Bamboo Shoots as a side and it was topped with roasted sesame.

Bamboo Shoots (Menma) - $1.50

This is the known Best Seller in Tokyo. The meal was upgraded to large-size noodles at an additional $2 and a half-boiled egg at $1.

Mix Vegetables Tempura Soba (Kakiage Soba) - $13.50 + $2 + 1

The vegetables were tasty and to my liking as it was not oily.

Mix Vegetables Tempura (Kakiage) - $3

Next up, we also ordered the Sand Borer fish meat set.

Sand Borer Fish Tempura Soba (Kisu Ten Soba) - $15.50

The Sand Borer fish meat tasted fine and the light tempura batter gave additional crispiness to the textural bite.

Sand Borer Fish Tempura 

With all-natural ingredients make up this original Japanese Traditional Nooodle "Soba" From Tokyo. Its light to slurp them down.


Between the hot and cold versions of soba, my preference will be the warm broth as I felt its more stomach-comforting and flavourful. For those who prefer to have rice, they do have some menu items with rice too.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tokyo Soba
Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St, #01-12/13/14, Singapore 078877

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