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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Nanyang Old Coffee

One of the places to get a cup of traditional coffee in Singapore which is seen to be one of the tourist hot spots too.

Nanyang coffees are often served in small cups or glasses. It's a popular choice for breakfast or as a midday pick-me-up. Enjoy the coffee with their local traditional breakfast items like eggs and toast.

Breakfast Set

Enjoy the traditional breakfast with half-boiled eggs in the bowl and crispy toast sandwiched with butter and kaya. 

Toasts and Eggs

Take a look at the 2nd Floor Museum via the wooden stairways. You will get to have some nostalgic feel with some old Chinese lanterns hanging and some sepia / black & white portraits.

Stairway to Museum on 2nd Floor

The place has an old-school feel with furniture that reminds me of our grandparents. It is insta-worthy.


It will be a good place for coffee as well as some other local food after exploring Chinatown. 

Nanyang Old Coffee
Location: 268 South Bridge Road Singapore 058817

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