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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Lee Fun Nam Kee

Another piece of news broke out recently that the popular Lee Fun Nam Kee had decided to close its doors permanently on 13 September 2023 which is within a short span of notice. While many had been asking why the short notice, there had been careful consideration, numerous family discussions and evaluation of various factors that they came to the conclusion that it was time to bid farewell to this chapter.

The Scene when we left the place

The restaurant is open air and diners can usually walk. However, due to the breakout of news about their closure, it had drawn lots of attention and now crowd control has to be done to the place.

Before the opening hours

Their Brand Story will be a history.  Here's another local food business going into history in Singapore. What a pity.

A history soon

Like what we often seen in Hong Kong Roasted Meat Stall, we get to observed the staff cutting the meat and preparing our orders through this open concept kitchen.

Where our food are prepared

We had the meat platter served with char siew and roast pork. The Char Siew is lean and has a unique aroma that reminds me of Chinese sausage. The Roast Pork aka Sio Bak was absolutely yummy with its crispy skin and was not salty. This meat platter was not greasy too.

Roast Pork & Char Siew - $10

While the origin of soya sauce chicken in Singapore has been hotly debated for decades, they have proclaimed itself as the first original brand adapted for local palates since 1968. Let's have a try. The chicken was poached and well-infused with the rich flavours of the marinade. The meat was tender and we had this Soy Sauce Chicken served with their fragrant steamed rice. The gravy that was served along on the plate of Soy Sauce Chicken was delicious and good to drench them onto our plate of rice too.

Soy Sauce Chicken - $15

A simple yet flavourful dish with vegetables coated in savoury oyster sauce and topped with crispy fried pork lard. The sauce added a rich umami flavour that complements the natural sweetness of the vegetables.

Oyster Sauce Vegetable - $7

The bowl of soup contained 6 dumplings. Dumplings were plump and quite springy. The soup was a tad on the salty side for me.

Shrimp Dumpling Soup - $6

To be honest, since it will be closing down in 2 weeks' time, this will be my first and also my last trip to Lee Fun Nam Kee.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Lee Fun Nam Kee
 94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-04, Singapore 310094

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