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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Haven Teppanyaki 避风台式铁板烧

I have been craving Teppanyaki for a while and decided to try out Haven Teppanyaki which is located at the corner of the Food Court of JEM's. Apparently, Teppanyaki seems to be a popular choice among diners and we have to wait in a queue before grabbing ourselves a set.

There are 8 combos on the menu to choose from and if you prefer individual items, you can order their Basic Set.

All Combos & Basic Sets are served with black pepper sauce and include white rice, beansprouts, vegetables and soup.


The chef starts preparing the common dishes like beansprouts and broccoli in large quantities as everyone around the table will be served these items as basic if they are ordering the combos.

Beansprouts & Brocoli 

Beansprouts were fragrant and crunchy, and so was the broccoli. They are good to go with a plain bowl of rice and soup.

Beansprouts & Brocoli

Up next, the chef started off by preparing the seafood with black pepper sauce. The medley of seafood comprised baby Scallops, squid and prawns. The black pepper sauce was not too overpowering and tasted decent with the seafood.


Here's the complete Combo 1 with Meat & Seafood. With Combo 1, the diner can choose their choice of meat, beef, lamb or pork. Thin slices of beef with sauce was tender.

Combo 1 - Meat & Seafood - $19

If you are looking for standard Teppanyaki without splurging, this might fit you. For myself, I'm still searching for a place that serves great Teppanyaki after missing the one in Jurong Hill Restaurant for the longest time.

Rating: 3 / 5 

Haven Teppanyaki 避风台式铁板烧
JEM, 40 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 608549

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