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Friday, March 10, 2023

HaveFun Karaoke & Outdoor Beer Garden (SAFRA Yishun)

 HaveFun is a family-friendly multi-entertainment venue managed by Goodwill Entertainment, with eight outlets and others food and beverage brands. We visited HaveFun in Yishun Safra was had a great evening with their beer garden, the live band as well as food & beverages. 


Let's sit back, let loose and relax here!

With Blue Lighting

With Green Lighting

With Red Lighting

We visited the place on a Friday evening and were entertained by the powerful vocal from the live band.

Stage for the Live Band

The band was entertaining for our evenings while we chilled and relax over there.
Live Band is here!

Here's some instagram worthy corner with a sakura tree, London telephone booth and a post box with neon lighting. 

Corner for photography

We can enjoy playing digital darts at the corner too. They do also have an outdoor beer garden that is suitable for relaxing 

Digital Darts

We were welcomed with a tower of beer to "save" our night. We seated at a distance away from the Live Band to enjoy our chats and at the same time humming/singing after the familiar music from the live band.

Beer Tower

Let's kick start with the Mookata Set! The servers were also prompt in refilling the soup base for our set.

Time for Mookata

One can self-help with the dipping sauce over at the sauce counter.

Sauce for Food

Grilled Fish lovers will want to savour this dish, especially with its attractive pricing of $24.90 for an entire fish. The fish was placed in a metal hotplate over the portable gas stove. It was loaded with greens, and pickled cabbages and topped with roasted peanuts. It tasted appetising! There are other flavours on the menu and they are Mala, Black Bean or even Curry Fish!

Pickled Cabbage Grilled Fish 酸菜烤鱼 - $24.90 (Whole Fish)

The tastily marinated chicken chop was well grilled and served with molten egg. Noodles tasted good in the sauce tossed in. The texture was good in medium hardness.

Pan Fried Chicken Ramen 香煎鸡扒干捞拉面 - $8.90

The grilled fresh chicken chop was fresh and tender topped with delicious mushroom sauce with mushroom slices. The set comes along with seasonal vegetables and fries.

Classic Chicken Chop 经典香烤鸡扒 - $10.90

Beer Battered Fish Fillet sounds amazing and is a popular choice among diners. The dish was served on a wooden board and paired with fries and tartar sauce.

Fish & Chips 炸鱼排薯条 - $11.90

A typical dish that you will usually find in Cze Char Stall and also a popular choice in HaveFun. The pork was fried and coated in its savoury sauce with bell pepper, cucumber, onion and pineapple. The texture was almost there and could be better with a little bit more crisp.

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice 咕咾肉饭 - $8.90

Braised Pork Rice is a staple dish from Taiwanese Cuisine. The cut and texture of the belly meat was well great but lacking the savoury braised taste that ought to be present in every bowl of Braised Pork Rice. Nonetheless, its still one of their popular choices on the menu.

Braised Pork with Rice - $8.90

A fusion bowl of Japanese and Thai Food. The ramen was toss with tasty sauce and paired with moo ping, molten egg and seaweed yuba. 

HaveFun Ramen 嗨翻拉面 - $10.90

Last but not least, we had their skewer set that is suitable for 4-6 pax that comprises of the following

- Prawns 虾 x 2
- Speciality Beef  特制牛肉 x 2 
- Specialty Pork Belly 特制五花肉 x 2
- Lobster Bal 龙虾丸 x 2
- Fish Ball 鱼丸 x 2
- Bacon with Enoki 培根金针菇 x 2
- Taiwan Sausage 台湾香肠 x 2
- Chicken Hot Dog 鸡肉香肠 x 2
- Luncheon Meat 午餐肉 x 2
- Abalone Mushroom 杏鲍菇 x 2
- Ladies Finger 羊角豆 x 2
- Sliced Potato 切片马铃薯 x 2

Skewer Set

Thank you Doreen for the official invitation. Will very much like to return to such an environment to relax and spend the evening with for gatherings. 

HaveFun Karaoke & Outdoor Beer Garden (SAFRA Yishun)
Location: 60 Yishun Ave 4, #01-04/05/06, Singapore 769027

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