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Friday, February 3, 2023


Sukiya, a Japan's leading Gyudon Restaurant chain with over 2600 outlets worldwide. Their mission is to serve Gyudon at an affordable pricing with the use of safe and high quality ingredients at convenient locations. We visited their outlet in Funan.

Sukiya at Funan

Besides the usual canned drinks as beverages, we tried out the following, Pudding Earl Grey Tea & Matcha Latte Ice.

Pudding Earl Grey Tea & Matcha Latte Ice - $4.50 Each 

For those who enjoy more than 1 type of meat on their bowl can choose such dishes from their Combination Menu. They are only available in their Standard M Size or Large Size. The Large Size has a meat portion of M size but 125% of the rice size. Both beef and beef yakiniku was savory. The two types of meat was distinguished and separated by a stalk of blanch greens in the middle of the bowl. 
Gyudon & Yakiniku - $10.50 (L)

Time for some greens! I had Gyudon with sliced Okra. The soluble Fibre from the Okra's unique slime matches perfectly with their special sauce, giving them a special taste.

Okra Gyudon (M) with Green Vegetables Miso Soup Combo and Egg - $6.50 + $2 + $1.20

Yakiniku Bowl (M) with Karage & Lemon Tea  Combo - $6.90 + $4.50

Want just more than beef? You can also choose to have their Teriyaki Salmon with Sukiya's Signature Simmered Beef.

Salmon Beef Bowl with Salad + Coke - $13.50 + $3.50

I love the concept of how Sukiya portion up their rice in the menu so that diners can decide how much portion of rice they want than to allow food wastage later on. They use 100% Koshihikari, a carefully selected short-grain rice for Gyudon and they are slightly sweet, soft, springy and moist. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5 

Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, #B1-32 Singapore 179105

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