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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk is a new dessert place for us as suggested by our pal. They offer both traditional Desserts and food on their menu.  

Sweet Talk

The interior was spacious with a good white coat of paint. Tables, benches and chairs were placed by the side of the walls to allow room for walking.

The Environment

There is one small corner in the cafe with plants on sale.

Mini plants on Sale

You will find a number of Smileys in the Cafe. Do smile a little more today as suggested by this neon lighting. 

Smile A Little More Today

Even their coaster looks cute. Does it make your day here?

Smiley Coaster

A combination of glass jelly, nata de coco, chewy pearls and sweet potato balls decking up by a heap of shaved ice. The dessert is cooling and refreshing for a hot day like this.

Grass Jelly Ice

Known as Chng Teng back in our home country, this 6 Flavours Herbal Soup is served hot by default. The semi-sweet taste of the soup is refreshing with ingredients like candied winter melon, dried longans, red dates etc. 

6 Flavours Herbal Soup 六味汤 - RM 6.90 

The dessert is said to aid the beauty of a person. Ingredients look similar to the 6 Flavours Herbal Soup with Red Dates, Wolfberries, birdnest, peach gum and fresh milk.

Beauty Soup 滋补养颜汤 - RM 7.90

If you like something sweet with a tinge of sourness, the ice jelly with white pearls and Nata De Coco may fit the bill. Enjoy these wobbly, soft & bouncy Ice Jelly which aids in cooling down our body.

Ice Jelly

Besides the usual bowls of dessert, they are also selling cooked food and snacks. 

Muah Chee

While chatting with the man, we got to know that his son is actually the owner of the cafe and he was just helping up. The friendly service, as well as the Cafe ambience, give us more reasons to be back there again.

Sweet Talk
90, Jalan Chengai, Taman Melodies, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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