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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Ramen Taisho ラーメン大将

I have never walked to the side of the mall till I heard about Ramen Taisho . If you are visiting inside the mall, you will never get to see this Ramen place. Walk around the perimeter of Le Quest mall and you will get there. 

Ramen Taisho's ramen is handcrafted using wheat flour imported from Japan for his noodles. and freshly made in small batches daily.

Ramen Taisho

Over at the condiments counter, we get to serve ourselves with pickled ginger, beansprouts, genmaicha, and plain water as well as a wet tissue.

Self Service Items

Plain Water

While we saw other diners having some cute size canned drinks, we went ordering some too.

Bincho Roasted Black Coffee, Sangaria Ramune, Mix Fruits Juice - $1.80 Each (190ml)

Going green with Goma. This Japanese Spinach was rolled up in a ball and soaked in a pool of Sesame Dressing with its seed too.

Spinach with Sesame Sauce - $4.80

If you are looking to order some sides, The Crab Cream Croquette is a must-try. The outer layer is thin, crunchy and crispy, cradling some milky cream that is packed with sweet corn fragrance. 

Crab Cream Croquette - $4.80

The melt-in-the-mouth and soft savoury crab meat filling are irresistible. 

Creamy Crab

If you already have the crab cream croquette, you will find that the potato croquette will be drier. Nonetheless, if you prefer something not creamy, this Potato Croquette is as good too. 

Potato Croquette - $4.80

Similarly, crunchy and crispy exterior with mashed potato fillings. 

Potato Fillings

Ramen Taisho offers 5 different kinds of Ramen either in Regular or the deluxe version.  The deluxe version comes with a piece of seaweed as well as a whole-flavoured lava egg.

The regular bowl of Shio (Salt) Ramen has a delightful broth, not salty and texture of the ramen was springy. There are two slices of Chashu, slightly charred and flavourful. 

RG Shio Ramen - $10.80

The chewy texture of the black fungus and flavoured lava egg has given additional texture. 

Lava Egg and Black Fungus

The Deluxe Black Garlic Ramen is stronger in broth flavour and comprises of 2 different types of meat with a large piece of seaweed, whole-flavoured lava egg and black fungus. 

DX Black Garlic Ramen - $14.80

Aren't this eye pleasing?

Tender Meat

Gyokai Ramen has slight spiciness in it and the stock is more orangy in color. It may look a bit oily but for the fact, it is neither spicy nor greasy to me. While the broth is made up for seafood (e.g dried bonito), we get to taste some "sea" flavours apart from the usual pork bone broth.

Gyokai Ramen - $13.80

Comparing the standard of ramen, Ramen Taisho served quality and tasty Ramen in the heartlands. Pricing wise, it is also relatively reasonable for the standard that we are paying for.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ramen Taisho ラーメン大将
Location: Le Quest Shopping Mall, 4 Bukit Batok Street 41, #01-12, Singapore 657991

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