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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Mariners' Corner Restaurant

I have never heard of Mariners' Corner Restaurant until they shared that it was previously from Maritime house, serving Hainanese Style Western Food. Since 1984 they have been in the business. The Interior of the dining place was laid back and give an old-school charm feel. However, these indoor dining place was complemented by the outdoor garden seatings on the deck.

These glistering chicken wings were simply good for the starters. They are very addictive and well-marinated. Just alone without the lemon juice and BBQ, these Mexican Wings will do fine.

Mexican Wings with BBQ Sauce
Mexican Wings with BBQ Sauce - $8.50

The 2 slabs of Grilled Pork Chops were well seasoned with LP Sauce and served with slices of roast potatoes, summer salad and Pineapple Relish. The thickness of was meat was quite uniform and well-flavoured without being too greasy. 

Grilled Pork Chop
Grilled Pork Chop - $20.50

Steak is served in a cast iron hot plate with baked potato and buttered veggies. Such presentation and combination of food are so familiar that they reminded me of Jack's place. There are 4 types of sauces for the steak, namely Black Pepper, Mushroom, Garlic Shallot and BBQ.

N.Z Ribeye Steak
N.Z Ribeye Steak - $28

The mushroom sauce goes well with the Ribeye and it was even adorned with a piece of mushroom and English parsley. 


The baked potato was soft. The toppings are optional. Like what happens in Jack's Place, Mariners' Corner Restaurant does have servers topping up the condiments like sour cream, spring onions and garlic bits for the potato. For those who prefer to have bacon bits, it may be a little disappointing here instead. 

Toppings for the Potato
Toppings for the Potato

Nonetheless, the doneness of the beef was perfect. 

Medium Doneness
Medium Doneness

One can top up $5.80 to any main coursed to enjoy a bowl of salad, soup of the day, garlic toasts as well as coffee/tea with dessert. What a classic old-school starter!

Completing a set
Completing a set at $5.80

Ending the meal, we have a cup of coffee with a piece of almond butter cake. 

Piece of Almond Cake
Piece of Almond Cake

Looking at their menu, they have attractive lunch sets set differently for each day of the week as well as weekends. There is also one lady server whom I thought that the service was friendly and impeccable. I will be back again for them.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Mariners' Corner Restaurant
106 Clementi St 12, #01-40 Singapore 120106

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