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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice

Many online have raved about this chicken rice stall being the best among the competitors and the chained chicken rice. With the chicken rice craving, we had, it's hard to resist our legs from carrying ourselves here at Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall. 

It was a surprise to us as the stall was packed and with customers surrounding the stall waiting for their number to be called. Nonetheless, the lady who was in charge of taking orders was quick and got our orders done in a minute or two.

Stall of Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is absolutely a lunchtime gluttony meal for 2 pax with so much meat. We had assorted meat (4 types) and a Thai Style Beancurd.

Our Orders - $32.40

The Thai Style Beancurd was deep fried and coated with sweet and sauce chilli sauce.

Thai Style Beancurd

We ordered a quarter of steamed chicken and a quarter of roasted chicken. This tender and glistering chicken was generously drenched by a few layers of sticky sauce whose style was rather unique as compared to the usual coffee shop chicken rice we had. The meat was decked up by a bed of blanched beansprouts,

Roasted and Steamed Chicken with braised egg

The crackling roasted pork skin was delicious and the layer of meat to fat was clearly defined by a glance. Char Siew on the other hand was drenched with sweet tasty dark sauce and had some charred edges.

Char Siew  Roasted Pork

The bowl of chicken rice was packed full of fragrance and I can totally consume it plainly without any meat. On a side note, for those who love to drink the soup that comes with the meal, it may be a little disappointing as it was rather peppery.

Rice - $1.20

Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice Style is indeed standing up from the rest with its bean sprouts and the sauce used. If you are looking for a style away from our conventional chicken rice meal that is ladled with soy and sesame sauce over the chicken meat, you might want to give this a try.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice
 371 Bukit Batok Street 31, #01-326, Singapore 650371

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