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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Heng Hua Restaurant 兴化美食

Xing Hua cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines and just recently I came across some social media posts about such cuisine, thus it leads to my cravings. One of us suggested heading to Yishun Heng Hua Restaurant for a try as she find that the food is pretty decent there. 

We order a set meal for two at $32 which includes:

1)  Herbs-Food Prawns in Bamboo Shoot 药膳竹筒虾
2)Deep Fried Slices of "Tenggui Fish" 炸马鲛鱼
3)Braised Bean Curd with 豆皮芥兰
4) Lor Mee / Mee Sua / Bee Hoon
5)  Free Dessert 赠送甜品

as well as some other dishes to share among us. Xing Hua Restaurant is tucked at the far end corner of the HDB block.

Heng Hua Restaurant

Those who enjoy herbal soup may enjoy this dish. The number of prawns given was generous and the size of the prawn was relatively big. The natural-tasting soup in the Bamboo Shoot has a good subtle seafood taste in its light herbal taste.

Herbs-Food Prawns in Bamboo Shoot 药膳竹筒虾

I'm glad that they have this in their set menu. The fish is deep fruit to golden perfection and you can dip them in the homemade sauce with garlic. 

Deep Fried Slices of "Tenggui Fish" 炸马鲛鱼

A sweet gravy drenched on the pieces of braised bean curd and stirred fried with Kai Lan, slices of carrot and button mushrooms.

Braised Bean Curd with Gailan 豆皮芥兰

The White Lor Mee is also one of Xing Hua's Cuisine Staple Food to order. A version of Chinese La Mian soaked in a flavoursome broth and not as starchy as our traditional braised Lor Mee style. It was a comforting bowl of food especially when it was a wet day. The Lor Mee had included some crispy Pork Belly and vegetables in it. 

Lor Mee 卤面

The set meal includes a free dessert and it was white fungus with red date. It was refreshing and not so sweet. What a good ending to our meal.

Free Dessert 赠送甜品

The Stir Fried Sliced Yam is one of the classic Xing Hua Cuisines. These yams were fried and had a crisp exterior. They were then coated in a thin layer of sweet savoury sauce. While you bite down these blocks of yam, the internal was soft and fluffy. Quite addictive!

Stir-Fried Sliced Yam 酥炒香芋 - $10 (Small)

Of all Xing Hua Cuisine's Noodles, what I usually like most will be their Bee Hoon. The ingredients include crunchy peanuts, vegetables, clams, fried tofu puff, seaweed, prawns, pork belly and Chinese mushrooms. No doubt this plate of Bee Hoon was homely, but I still find that the taste was lacking and ruined somehow by the strong raw taste of the Bee Hoon.

Bee Hoon 米粉 - $4.50

The feel of ordering this dish is like having some Chinese banquet but in fact, we were in a coffee shop. The chicken was deep fried with crispy skin and was served with some crackers.

Deep Fried Chicken 香红烧鸡 - $12 (Small) 

Another staples from the Heng Hua Cuisine is none other than this popular chinese dish we had from Cze Char Stall. The Heng Hua's will usually include Lychee in this dish to differentiate their cuisine from others.

Heng Hua Sweet & Sour Pork 兴化荔枝肉 - $10 (Small)

Another Cze Char dish was ordered! The Fried Hor Fun with sliced fish was tasty and the overall taste was rather decent. The Hor Fun had a subtle Wok Fried taste.

Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Fish 鱼片河粉 - $5 (Small)

Perhaps my tastebuds were already spoilt by our Chained Xing Hua's restaurant in Singapore and had taken that as a benchmark. Nonetheless, in this neighbourhood, Heng Hua Restaurant still deserves a talk as their menu is rather extensive with a good list of Authentic Heng Hua dishes we can hardly find here.

Rating: 3 / 5

Heng Hua Restaurant
 Block 748, Yishun Street 72, #01-212, Singapore 760748
Nearest Station: Yishun (NS13)

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