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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Banh Mi Ba 8

While waiting in the coffee shop and passing by the Banh Mi stall, the friendly lady asked if we want to try out their Vietnamese Baguette. With the increasing number of Vietnamese Baguette stalls around us, I think it's time to give them a chance.

Stall of Banh Mi Ba 8

The stall keeper was jovial and started to introduce the staple dishes of their stall. Being quite new to Banh Mi, I ordered what she recommended. 


The baguette was stuffed with ham, meat, and pork and then toasted in the toaster. She offered to send the order to my table in the coffeeshop. The Banh Mi was served in a paper bag together with a plate.

Banh Mi

The Baguette was toasted and warm. The crispy exterior and the pillowy soft texture inside make the experience so memorable. It looks as though having subway 6-inch bread but stuffed with Asian ingredients.

Ham, Meat, Pork Banh Mi - $5.80

Ingredients include meat floss, coriander, onions, ham and pieces of pork belly.

Half Section of the Banh Mi

After my favourite Vietnamese Pho restaurant closed down, I'm still on the search for a yummy Vietnamese Spring Roll. While some of the places served the spring rolls with sweet peanut sauce and some served with fish sauce and onions. If you were to ask me, I will prefer the former sauce to this.

Pork, Shrimp Spring Roll - $3.80

Rolls were made up of vermicelli, prawns and pork belly slices. The spring roll tastes refreshing but I still prefer peanut sauce to pair with these. 

Spring Rolls

I will be back for their signature items soon.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Banh Mi Ba 8 
Blk 373 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-250 Singapore 650373

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