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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Wildseed Cafe

 The Alkaff Mansion is an early 20th-century colonial bungalow located within the Telok Blangah Hill Park in Singapore. The hill was originally called Mt Washington and part was owned by a wealthy Arab Syed Shaikh bin Abdul Rahman Alkaff. He built the bungalow as his primary residence and abandoned it after World War II. This property was later acquired by the government and subsequently went under tendered. 

Currently, Wildseed Cafe is housed under The Alkaff Mansion.

The Alkaff Mansion

This flight of stairs will take you to the Mansion.

Stairways to The Alkaff Mansion

In the setting of natural landscape comprised of greenery and space, Wildseed Cafe serves a good place for pet owners and families to gather.

The ground of Alkaff Mansion

For those who prefer to dine outdoors, there are seating available in the garden too. 

Alfresco Dining

If you prefer somehwere in between the outdoor and the indoor dining, this area is not too bad too. Its relaxing and cooling under the ceiling fans.

Laid Back Environment

With a preparation island in the middle of the dining area decked up by the wooden flooring and natural lighting entering through the glass panels on its ceiling makes the place looks modern yet the nostalgic flooring at the foreground gave a little nostalgic touch of the historic mansion.


Accompanying our orders will be these glasses of smoothie and Avocado Shakes. These glasses of beverages were refreshing.

Avocado Shake, Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie & Mango Yoghurt Smoothie - $9.50, $8, $8

Fried chicken wings were coated with sesame seeds and they smell so good. Dipping these golden brown perfectly fried wings into the Thai Chilli Sesame Mayo will make this order more satisfying.

Sesame Chicken Wing - $16

I think I can have a dozen of them for the dip had make me addicted.


We ordered curly fries for sharing. These curly fries were served in a steel basket with faux newspaper. Dipping them into the Truffle Mayo and Parmesan cheese will make us addicted to the fries.

Truffle Mayonnaise Curly Fries - $14

A hearty portion breakfast to have! The spread comprises eggs, Nuremberg pork sausage, bacon Cameron highland cheery tomatoes, portobello mushroom, Australian avocado and toasted sourdough. The choice of eggs to be served can be sunny side up, sous vide or scrambled.

Big Pan Breakfast - $28

Even the Avocado was abit charred.


A pasta that is well executed. Mussel & Calm Vongole was served with linguine. The stock was sweet and you can literally taste them from the natural sweetness of the Mussel and Clams. The use of white wine and bird's eye chilli enhanced the taste. The dish was sprinkled with some Italian Parsley too.

Mussel & Clam Vongole - $23

The pasta was cooked to Al Dente Perfection and every strand of Linguine was well soaked in the broth essence.

Texture of Spaghetti

Thin Crusted Truffle Brie Pizza, is a vegetarian-friendly pizza. It needs about 20 minutes to be served and the pizza was inviting with the aromatic Truffle-infused taste on the pizza with oyster mushroom, and brie as ingredients, topping with some rocket leaves. The texture was great with the smooth cheese that melted inside your mouth as you sunk your teeth into the pizza.

Truffle Brie Pizza - $26

Service was on the ball and the vibe is definitely there. We will be back for more.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Wild Seed Cafe
Level 1, 10 Telok Blangah Green Singapore 109178
Nearest Station: Telok Blangah (CC28)

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