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Sunday, August 14, 2022


I have been wanting to give COCA a try since a long time ago but haven't got a chance till I did a last-minute reservation through their Suntec outlet as the Takashimaya outlet was full house.


The restaurant is not fully packed considering that it is a weekend.

Dining Area

There were a few choices of soup bases for us to choose from. It was a disappointment that the Healthy Fresh Tomato was not available during then. We took their Signature Hua Diao Phonix, topping up $9 and their Merciless Mala for our Regular Buffet.

Pick your soup base

The Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Soup comes with a bottle of Hua Diao Wine, a bowl of chicken meat already soaked with wine and some ingredients like red dates, Goji Berries and Ginger. The server will light up the fire on the bowl of chicken meat and then slowly include the meat and ingredients to the soup base. 

Our Soup Bases

The Ala Carte Buffet Items can be ordered via the tablet. We can order unlimited times for items that are stated as "Buffet Item" in the Tablet, other than that, the items are chargeable at the indicated pricing. 

Tablet Ordering

Over at the counter, we can help ourselves with the condiments: Peanut, COCA Sauce, Chinese Parsley, Spring Onions, Vinegar, Sesame Oil etc. 

Condiments Counter

My Personal preference will be Coca's special sauce. I have placed some peanuts, garlic, Chinese Parsley and spring onions too.

Mix It Yourself

Here's our first round of orders with some prawns, fish, Asari, Fish Glue and vegetables.

Our Orders

The soup base lets out the aroma intermittently. The Hua Diao Phoenix smell was addictive and the spice of the Mala was inviting.

Our Soup Base with Ingredients

In the second serving, we took some thinly sliced pork as well as beef. There were still rolled up in shape.

Sliced Meat

One of us was quite addicted to the paste/glue and had ordered different kinds of it in one of the orders.

Different Kinds of Paste

For the plates of paste, the server came over and assist in serving. She scooped the soup base and pour it over the plate a few times, then scraped the paste off the plate and put them into the boiling broth.

On the plate

Here are some healthy greens to accompany us. We took some Spinach & Tang O to blanch them in our hot pot.


Finally, I can strike off COCA from my list. Comparing the hot pot restaurants available in Singapore, there are better ones out there.

Rating: 3 / 5

3 Temasek Boulevard #02-440 Suntec City Singapore 038983

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