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Saturday, July 9, 2022

99 Old Trees

With the durian craze gradually making a comeback, I was introduced to this interesting place, 99 Old Tree. It is an interesting Cafe with assorted durian desserts like swiss rolls, ice cream and choux pastries. 

Entrance to Cafe

While at their back door,  you can actually package some durian for takeaway.

Back Area

The cafe has limited seating and we had no choice by to enjoy our desserts at their garden / alfresco area. 


The alfresco area looks like a garden but without a proper table and ins,tead customers were to eat on the wooden cable reel drum. Also, having the durians under the tree gives u the kampong feel. This makes enjoying durian in the public so unique. 

Ninty-Nine Old Trees Wall

While the interior has a modern industrial theme whereby the flooring is of cement screed so as the walls and counters. 

Cute Plush on the Sofa

We had our orders placed on a wooden woven serving tray. Awww, we can't wait to get stinky with these!

Orders in a tray

If you prefer to enjoy your D24 durian in a bowl instead of the husks and seed, stinky bowl will be a good choice. The bowl is filled with durian puree with a creamy & smooth mousse texture completed by a light taste. However, it still stinks for some, thus its name is given. 

Stinky Bowl
Stinky Bowl - $5.80

The Stinky Bomb has a thin crusty layer piped with Mao Shan Wang Durian fillings. The individual Chou Puff was coated with craquelin crumble which reminds me of the Hong Kong Polo Bun.

Stinky Bomb - $1.90 Per Piece
Stinky Bomb - $1.90 Per Piece

Sink your teeth down into the crust and enjoy every taste of the luscious and creamy fillings. Do note that there is a minimum order of 2 pieces for the Stinky Bomb.

That Stinks!

If you flip over the Bomb, you will get to see that they have actually piped in the creamy fillings from the bottom.

Your Creamy Durian

If you head to the counter, you might be lucky to get a view of the piping of choux pastries in progress.

Piping in Progress

If you do enjoy the traditional Teochew Chendul dessert, you may want to have a try with durians in it. If you prefer the version without the durians. they do have it at $3.30 per bowl. However, if you are ordering this Traditional Teochew Dessert with Durian, it's very filling to the stomach, especially with the plump durian pulp.

For the durian season, they offer Chendul with Assorted Durian. So durian lovers, what are you waiting for?

Chendul with Assorted Durian - $7.80

With these durians down into the stomach, not only did we satisfy our appetite, it gives me another idea to enjoy both durian and cafe environment altogether. 

The place is rather convenient with MRT Exit just a stone's throw away. If you are driving, 99 Old Tree is conveniently located beside a carpark too. 

Wall Mural next to the car park

Rating: 3.5 / 5

99 Old Trees
1 Teo Hong Road Singapore 088321
Nearest Station: Outram Park (EW16)

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