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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Taste of Thailand

Having visited Taste of Thailand in Yishun Industrial many years back, it is always my wish to revisit them again. I was excited to see them in Sin Ming Industrial as I chanced by the place. No doubt that it was a weekend where one would have expected the industrial area to be quiet, but the place had thrown me a surprise. On the reverse, it was bustling with large tables of patrons in the canteen enjoying their Thai Feast. The kitchen was busy as well as the ordering counter.

Taste of Thailand 泰国小食

Although the kitchen was busy, our food gets served swiftly without us having to wait too long.

Dishes Ordered

Chicken with Honey Sauce came in cubes and each piece of chicken was well coated with Honey sauce and tasty to pair along with rice.

Chicken with Honey Sauce 泰式密汁鸡 - $13 (Small)

We preferred pineapple rice over plates of white rice. Though it was not the best I had, I would say the rice was decently fragrant topped with a generous amount of meat floss coupled with some Chinese sausage bits. 

Pineapple Rice 黄梨炒饭 - $5 (Small)

It was pretty adventurous to order this dish as I remembered having a similar dish from another Cze Char Stall but it left me with great disappointment. However, the fried bitter gourd with salted egg here is a good combination. The bitterness had blended in well with the salted egg and was not as bad as I thought. 

Fried Bittergourd with Salted Egg 咸蛋苦瓜 - $10 (Small)

Prawn Omelette was fluffy with crispy edges.

Prawn Omelette 虾仁蛋 - $12 (Small)

The Tom Yum Soup tasted more like Tomato soup but I'm a fan of such soup too. This Tom Yum Seafood soup has prawns, squid and fish as the seafood ingredients. Other ingredients include ginger, lemongrass, cabbage and lime leaf.

Tom Yum Soup - $8 (Small)

We left the place with a satisfying stomach. Taste of Thailand just never fails to provide a tasty cuisine experience all this while.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Taste of Thailand
 18 Sin Ming Lane, Stall 12 canteen, Singapore 573960

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