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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Izakaya Hikari

In the midst of all the vegetarian restaurants in Fortune Centre, there are 2 small Japanese Eateries that stand out and one of them is immensely popular Izakaya Hikari.

Izakaya Hikari
Izakaya Hikari

While it was always been in my mind that Fortune Centre is mostly occupied with Vegetarian restaurants, the sight and crowd on the day of the visit had totally changed my impression of this building. The place is bustling with a number of eateries and it is no longer the place that I knew.

Izakaya Hikari's Seating
Izakaya Hikari's Seating

Upon grabbing hold of its menu, I was kind of amazed by the variety of Japanese food that Izakaya Hikari offered. We turned into gluttons instantly after being starved over the dinner timing and ordered more items.


While waiting quite some time for the table, we were already quite hungry. The first dish that came onto our table was Salmon Mentaiko Donburi and this great tasting dish had somehow eased some part of our hungry stomachs.

Salmon Mentaiko Donburi たらこ
Salmon Mentaiko Donburi たらこ - $16.90

Grilled Unagi Donburi was almost as good as those speciality restaurants.

Grilled Unagi with Rice ウナギ
Grilled Unagi with Rice ウナギ - $18.90

When it comes to Sashimi, Salmon and Swordfish Otoro are the hardest to resist on our table. Each type of Sashimi comes in 3 pieces and was tucked with wasabi, ginger slices as well as shredded turnips.

Salmon & Mekajiki Belly
Salmon - $8 & Mekajiki Belly - $9

The breaded exterior of the Potato Croquette gave a good soft crisp texture. Pairing them with the Tonkatsu sauce makes this side great tasting.

Potato Croquette ポテトコロッケ
Potato Croquette ポテトコロッケ - $5.90

The grilled crab meat tasted a bit charred, however, it was a tasty and special combination in Kani Miso topped with some spring onions and fish roes. 

Kani Miso Crab カニみそ,蟹味噌
Kani Miso Crab カニみそ,蟹味噌 - $15.90

The crustacean taste was strong and the flavour was on the saltier side. Nonetheless, I still find it quite a unique dish on the grilled menu.

Crab Shell
Crab Shell

If you enjoy a variety of Yakimono, it will be a better choice to order the set for they have 7 items on the menu, namely:
  1. Shishito - シシトウ Green Chilli Pepper
  2. Shitake - シイタケ Whole Black Mushroom
  3. Tori Momo - 鳥モモ Chicken Thigh
  4. Tebasaki - てばさき Chicken Wing
  5. Bacon Asparagus - バーコンアスパラガス Asparagus Wrapped with Bacon
  6. Nankotsu - ナンコツ Chicken Cartillage
  7. Tsukune - つくね Chicken Meaballs
Yakimono Set
Yakimono Set 焼き物セット - $22.90 each 

As the Yakimono set did not include the Wagyu Beef, we had it on a separate order. It was packed with smokey flavours and every part of the meat was succulent. It seems like one stick is never enough!

Wagyu Beef Skewer ぎゅくし
Wagyu Beef Skewer ぎゅくし - $8.90

The taste of Mentaiko seafood freshness is there. However, it's a bit on the salty side but eating it with a slice of Japanese cucumber will balance out the taste.

Mentaiko 明太子
Mentaiko 明太子 - $9.90

Japanese Whole Squid was grilled nicely and not overdone. It was nice and tender.

Surume Ika スルメイカ
Surume Ika スルメイカ - $15.90

Overall service was good and the food was reasonably priced. I do not mind coming back again.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Izakaya Hikari
Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road  #03-01, Singapore 188979

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