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Friday, July 8, 2022

Guan Hoe Soon

Joo Chiat is one of Singapore's first heritage towns known for having some best Peranakan food and this is one of the reasons that we were here. With the iconic and historical shophouses that are preserved under Singapore's conservation rule, you can grab some Instagram-worthy shots there.

Restaurant Guan Hoe Soon Since 1953

Guan Hoe Soon has a long history and is considered Singapore's oldest Peranakan Restaurant since 1953. For people who are looking for Peranakan cuisine, especially in Joo Chiat can never miss out on this. Just recently, they have relocated to another location in Joo Chiat.

Menu of Guan Hoe Soon

The place was spacious and newly renovated. With traditional Peranakan tiles and some rustic Chinese furnishings, it did give patrons a modernized traditional feel of the environment. 

As the place was relatively new, the aircon was quite strong and the attentive staff saw us shivering in cold and offered to have one of the Aircon cassette units turned off. We thought it was a very thoughtful gesture.

Traditionally Chinese & Peranakan Furnishing

The appetiser gave us a great start and as it was quite special. Initially, we thought it was achar. Nonetheless, the taste was quite close. It comprised of chicken gizzard, cucumber, and pineapple topped with shaved cuttlefish. 

Appetiser aka Pickle - $4

We had their cold homemade barley and while waiting for the food to be served. We had already finished them up. The drink was quite thick and chalky in taste but it all tasted well with the ice had diluting it.

Homemade Barley - $2.80 Each

Guan Hoe Soon serves free-flow blue pea rice to pair with our Peranakan dishes ordered. 

Blue Pea Rice - $1.50 (Per Pax)

The texture of Beef Rendang was tender and very well coated in the Rendang sauce. The sauce was tasty and was not too salty.

Beef Rendang - $16.80

The fillings of the Nogh Hiang were too loose and were not tightly wrapped under the fried beancurd skin. However, the taste was decent but still lacked the oomph of what Nogh Hiang was supposed to have. 

Nogh Hiang - $15.80

Lets's dip the Nogh Hiang into the sweet dipping sauce and chilli.

Part of the Nogh Hiang

We ordered the Otak Otak and shared it among ourselves. It tasted quite ordinary.

Otak Otak - $9.80

The Ikan Bawal Asam Nanas Pedas was delectable. The tangy and spicy sauce was a perfect gravy for the rice to pair with. 

Ikan Bawal Asam Nanas Pedas - $38

Simply loves this inviting dish as this white Promfret fish meat was fresh and tender.

Promfet Fish

The curry gravy was on a watery side coupled with cabbages, long beans and a mixture of other vegetables. 

Sayor Lodeh (Curry Vegetables) - $14.80 (Small)

The Ayam Buah Keluak fell below my expectation. The gravy was on a watery side and while we expected such a dish to have an all-around blended taste from the spices, this was a far cry from it. 

Ayam Buah Keluak - $18.80 (Small)

Our icy desserts come in a ball of ice in a bowl. The bowls were small and portion adequate.

Our Desserts

The shaved ice was on the coarse side and the water chestnut with coconut milk was actually Red Ruby. 

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk - $4.50

The use of Gula Melaka on the ice ball with some little sago balls immersed in the fragrant coconut milk. 

Sago Gula Melaka - $4.50

Chen Dol was refreshing and with the generous use of gula Melaka on the ice ball as well as coconut jelly and red beans.

Chen Dol - $4.50

Here's a spoonful of their Chen Dol. The taste was decent.

A spoonful of Chen Dol

Near the end of our meal, these complimentary kuehs were served.

Complimentary Kuehs

With a long history in Peranakan food, I was expecting more from them. Overall, I find that the food was quite ordinary and there are better ones out there I have tried.

Rating: 3 / 5

Guan Hoe Soon
Location: 200 Joo Chiat Road #01-01 Singapore 427471

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